Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1 yr on Youtube contest *OPEN*

Hello everyone! If you don't already know about my contest--here's the scoop. I'm running a contest for one week because Aug. 9th was my 1 year anniversary on youtube. I'm so excited! I have some cool videos coming up soon after the contest is over. So if you are interested in my contest then here are the rules:

* You must be a subscriber
*if you are under 18 then you will need parental consent
*You must submit either pictures to my email or a video response to my contest video showing your work (and it must be created by you)
* My email My youtube channel link
*The contest is about creating look inspired by Sylvia Ji. She's an amazing artist who creates this portraits of women with their faces painted with the "day of the dead" inspired. Check her out on google.
****The winner will receive a $40 (usd) MAC giftcard. The winner will be announced on a few weeks.
*If the winner is international, the winner will have to choose which products they want from the MAC website valued at $40 (usd) and I will ship those items to you personally.

**Remember the contest is open for one started sunday aug 8th in the evening. Good luck to you all!!!