Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pregnancy Update plus Ups & Downs

Hello all :) I hope that everyone is having a great month of December so far. Are you all in the holiday spirit yet? I am!! I can't believe Christmas is 20 days away. So today as I am watching The View, I decided to update you all on my pregnancy and give you all the ups and downs of it here we go!

I'm currently 38 weeks pregnant and I'm so ready to have this baby, lol!!! I'm no longer working since I can technically have my son any day now. It's like a waiting game, which I have no patience for haha. I'm still feeling tired and run down as my pregnancy progresses. Like most women, by the time you get to a certain point in your pregnancy, you're just ready. During the night I am still tossing and turning...can't seem to get comfortable :( I'm trying really hard to sleep in past 7am but that seems to be a challenge for me. I mean, really? there isn't any reason why I need to be up that early. Everyone says "take this time to relax and sleep before baby comes", so that's what I am trying to do! An extra nap or two wouldn't hurt, right?

Yesterday was the first part of my Lamaze class-which by the way everyone says the class isn't worth taking.  Besides, whose going to remember those breathing techniques while in labor, right? I guess it's too late since I am almost down with the class. So far this Lamaze/Child birthing class has given my hubby and I a lot of information about labor and delivery. I'm actually enjoying all the info since this is my first pregnancy and I'm not sure what this process is like. This class has provided info on the different stages of labor, labor pain medication options, different methods of coping with labor pains (i.e. those silly breathing techniques), different methods in assisting mom deliver and so on. We actually got a tour of the labor and delivery wing of the hospital. I'm a little bit scared since I have never spent a night in the hospital, thank God! Plus that hospital smell makes me sick :( I do have to say that the rooms where moms deliver and recover are better looking than I expected, thank goodness. So tonight is my final part of the class, not sure what additional info will be provided but I'll keep you all posted on that.

Now on to the Ups and Downs of pregnancy! A subscriber has asked that I do a video vlog with this info, so I may do that as well if time permits. Everyone can associate happiness and fear with pregnancy which is very normal. I have been very happy throughout my entire pregnancy which helps cope with the many changes my body has gone through. The information I have listed below is from myself reflecting on my own pregnancy. These are my honest opinions and feelings!  I will list all the ups and downs separately below ( I may forget a few as I'm writing this post)

Ups of Pregnancy:
* Happiness that comes from the moment you find out you're expecting to the day you finally get to hold that beautiful baby. Just know all the changes will be worth it in the end!!
* Feeling life growing inside you is like no other experience you'll ever have.
* Knowing that you will always have a part of your significant other forever.
* Seeing your belly grow by leaps and bounds over the course of 9 months.
* Hearing the heartbeat for the first time, makes it feel more real.
* The day you find out the sex of the baby, it's absolutely incredible...a day you'll never forget.
* The bond between mom and baby is amazing.
* The first time you get to see the baby through ultrasound makes you realize that your life will never be the a good way.
* Shopping!!!!! One of my favorite things to do. It's so fun coming up with nursery themes and buying irresistible outfits for baby and yourself.
* Feeling your baby move and kick inside feels crazy and painful at times but it's the feeling of life growing healthy and happy.
* Counting down the last couple of weeks is exciting because soon baby will be here.
* The good advice you're given from those closest to you about raising a family.
* Having a feeling of certainty that your family is there to support you from beginning to end is a blessing.

Downs of Pregnancy:
* The weight gain which is very normal but your body will look and feel different as the pounds pack on.
* The feeling of sleeplessness from month 8 and on (in my opinion)
* Feeling moody especially towards the end of the 9 months.
* Morning sickness- which is completely different from one pregnancy to another.
* Not being able to fit into your clothes after you pass a certain point and then you realize it's time to go up a size or two : /
* For some, the constant questions that strangers ask can be annoying at times.
* Having mush for brains, hahahaha!
* The feeling of fear as the pregnancy draws to an end, which means the responsibility of raising child is now a reality. Babies do not come with instruction manuals!
* Feeling like your forgetting some important/essential baby must haves from Babies R Us.
* Feeling scared about the delivery process.
* Hearing horror stories about pregnancies and deliveries throughout your pregnancy from friends, family and even co-workers .......which always is not solicited by moms to be. I don't wanna hear scary stories right before I go into labor!! Thanks but no thanks.

So I hope that I have answered some of your questions regarding pregnancy. I know that both lists seem just as long but I really wanted to explain everything that I have been feeling or have felt at some point in my pregnancy. Again, these are my own opinions from my first pregnancy. If you all any additional questions or requests, please let me know with a comment on my last pregnancy vlog video. Thanks again for all your continued support throughout my pregnancy :)
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Natural FX foundation from Cover FX

Hello Everyone!! So I have recorded a few foundation reviews and I thought why don't I post a blog on one of them?? I have decided to review the Natural FX water based foundation from Cover FX for you guys.

This product and many others from Cover FX can be found at Sephora stores and on their website. So I'm going to break down the good and the bad of this foundation which I hope helps you all. There are lots of good things about this foundation. It claims to have "all day wear" which in my opinion with my extremely oily skin it does stay on. The reason why I chose this foundation was because of all the good qualities about it. I felt good about putting this product on my skin without having to worry that it was going cause more break outs on my acne prone skin. And now the break down..........

* I love that its water based meaning there's more H2O then bad "no good" ingredients like Oil.
* This foundation is Oil Free, Fragrance Free and best of all non- comedogenic... yay!!!!!
* It has also been tested and recommended by Dermatologists (stated on the packaging)
* It contains several vitamins that help nourish the skin.
* It has an SPF 15
* I really like the squeeze tube packaging which makes it easy to store in my makeup collection and to travel with.
* This line of foundation has a pretty good range of colors for those with cool, warm or neutral undertones. You will notice a letter B,C,E,or M in front of a number on the box. B=golden deep tones C= cool with pink undertones E= equal parts of pink and yellow tones and M= more yellow/olive tones. (I wear M20, which is very yellow to cancel out my pinkish/reddish undertone)

* It is not the foundation suited for very oily skin as it claims to "leave skin rehydrated and radiant looking"
It makes my skin look very greasy, not a good look!
* It's really only suitable for normal and combination skin types.
* With my skin undergoing changes due to prescribed acne meds, this foundation really enhances my dry patches.
* If you have any dry spots on your face this foundation will cling to those areas- also not good!
* The formula is very pigmented so it does provide a nice coverage but it's just too thick for me.
* It's a little pricey..... $40 for 1 oz.

As you can tell there are lots of things that I like about this foundation but unfortunately the "greasy" look is not what I'm into, LOL. If you are interested in this foundation, ask a Sephora makeup artist for a sample on your next visit. I like samples because you are not obligated to purchase the items and you get to try something new. So I hope this review helps in your quest for a new foundation. Please visit my YouTube channel to watch makeup/beauty related videos :) Thanks for stopping by :)


Friday, January 20, 2012

My recent Dermatologist visit & helpful acne tips!

Hey guys! I wanted to share with you all some information that I've come across through research on acne and my recent trip to the Doc's office. So I've finally went to the Dermatologist, what a relief! LOL. I have been thinking about going to the Dermatologists office for a very long time. The reasons why I didn't push harder to go were because 1st: The cost, ha! 2nd: Having a feeling that treatments weren't gonna make my acne disappear forever and 3rd: Feeling like maybe their simply after my $$, haha!! Well along the way I've learned some truths about acne and ways to treat & prevent them.

The Basic first thing to know: People need to realize that washing your face every morning and night really pays off. People with normal or dry skin can skip the morning wash but those with oily or acne prone skin simply can't. Excess oil and/or oil build up on the skin can and will lead to clogged pores that eventually will cause pimples. If you get nothing else from this blog post, please remember to wash a.m. and p.m. :)

  • Another thing to know: There are 2 main over the counter acne ingredients that help treat and prevent acne..those being Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide. The percentages range from 0.5% to 2% active ingredient. Now each of those ingredients work differently to treat and prevent acne. Salicylic Acid is the most commonly found ingredient over the counter and it works by causing the outer layers of the skin to shed quickly and opening up clogged pores. It also helps lower acne causing bacteria around the site of the break out to prevent additional spreading. Benzoyl Peroxide is another acne ingredient found in drugstore acne skincare but mostly in the commonly advertised Proactiv. Benzoyl Peroxide works really well for quickly clearing pores. It has a bleaching agent which helps lighten up acne marks and scars. Trust me, this is what I loved most from using Proactiv. 

Acne can be caused by too much stress, hormonal changes, and not washing or caring properly for your skin. Over the years I have used so many acne fighting skincare products and have spent thousands of dollars. For what? Nothing!!! Every product I used only provided temporary relief for my acne. Let me continue this post but letting you all know my type of acne. I have cystic acne...the worst possible kind ever!! What is cystic acne? Basically it's a huge inflamed pimple full of bacteria and puss that is deeply rooted beneath all the layers of skin. When the bacteria underneath starts to getting warm, it multiples and spreads. If you have these...Do Not Pick!  My cheek area is a major victim of cystic acne. I had perfect skin and received many compliments as you all can tell from my earlier 2010-2011 YouTube videos. Unfortunately, that didn't last long. Here I was faced with these huge, red, ugly and most importantly painful lesions. I felt and still do feel uncomfortable with my skin. I decided to try the oh so popular Proactiv. I was on Proactiv for 2 months before visiting my Dermatologist. I really liked the 3 step system, I mainly found that my nose, forehead and chin were much clearer than before. As for my cystic acne...well Proactiv isn't strong enough :( I did love how Proactiv lighten up my scars tremendously. I have a noticeable difference in the amount of visible scars. Was it worth it? Yes, to me it is. After all, Proactiv contains the most common over the counter acne got it! Benzoyl Peroxide.

Now about my visit, it's been 2 weeks. Not long, I know! I have been put on prescription strength oral and topical acne meds. Orally twice a day, I take an antibiotic known as Doxycycline. It works by killing any infections and acne causing bacteria lurking through my body.....gross!  Then every night, I apply a topical acne cream called Tretenoin aka Retin-A. Retin-A is also used for fighting wrinkles. Now I have experienced most of the common side effects of this topical cream. Ladies, please make sure you all having protected sex as always. Simply put, if you are or think you might be pregnant...The Doctor will not prescribe you these meds. Pregnancy is not advised while on these meds, there may or may not be any side effects to the fetus. (I am NOT a Doctor, this is info you can get from any Dermatologist or the internet.)
After 2 weeks, I have noticed excessive peeling of my skin. Tretenoin is used to help your skin cells turnover rapidly causing severe shedding. Also I have experienced severe redness to the sites that receive this topical cream nightly. This is supposedly "normal". I also have a slight burning sensation when applying my Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer. These side effects should lessen after 4 weeks of use, fingers crossed haha!

Acne Tips:

  • Wash A.M. and P.M. with acne face washes
  • Apply daily and nightly an Oil Free moisturizer ( Cetaphil moisturizer is great)
  • Use acne spot treatments on the first signs of redness and pimples (many found in drugstores)
  • Do Not pick at them....I know it's hard  This will spread acne to other places
  • Exfoliate often throughout the week (Aveeno & Philosophy make good ones)
  • Get facials a few times a's costly but it can help
  • Drink lots of water!
  • Most importantly, please stick with it. It takes several weeks to see improvements.

I know this is a long blog post but I can only hope that you all find something useful out of this. If you all have any questions regarding acne or anything at all....please leave me comments on here or my channel. The link for my beauty channel will be below for your enjoyment. Stay positive throughout this process...and lets put our best skin forward this new year :) Thank you all for your wonderful comments and support.