Thursday, January 28, 2010

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland

Sorry that I didn't get this up the same day I uploaded my video. If you haven't see my video, please check it out. So, Urban Decay has come out with another book of shadows! How exciting!! As you all already know the Alice in Wonderland movie comes out next month in 3D. I am really loving this palette. What I love the most is that if you don't get the chance to buy this limited edition palette before it's have no worries. You can still purchase all of the colors separately from the permanent line. I think is this pretty awesome because like other cosmetic lines.....items are limited edition which means limited quantities. And once they're gone, you can't find those products anymore unless you go on ebay. I wouldn't recommend Ebay for buying this new book of shadows. Someone on Ebay was selling it for $71 plus shipping when the palette really only costs $52. Ebay is a last resort for products....FYI you will be paying more than usual. I want to write the list of colors you get and give ya'll the permanent name for each color as well. I'm not sure if it is available on Sephora's website just yet. But I do know people have already purchased this palette in advance straight from Urban Decay. People are now starting to receive there orders. So hurry before it's too late!! 6 eyeshadows have glitter and the rest are very frosty or shimmery! I hope this was helpful. Enjoy your Alice in Wonderland book of shadows.


*Underland (also known as Flash)- it's a beautiful jewel tone purple
*Alice (also known as Painkiller)- it's a beautiful aqua blue tone
*Oraculum ( also known as Baked)- pretty golden color
*Queen (also known as Last Call)- burgandy/plum color
*Chessur (also known as Chopper)- peachy tan color with glitter
*White Rabbit (also known as Polyester Bride)- frosty white with glitter
*Wonderland (also known as Maui Wowie)- frosty beigey tan color with glitter
*Curiouser (also known as Grifter)- beautiful lilac with glitter
*Muchness( also known as X)- Frosty peachy gold color
*Mushroom (known as mushroom)- Frosty taupe color
*Midnight Tea Party (also known as Midnight cowboy rides again)- beige with lots of glitter
*Vorpal (also known as S&M)- frosty grey smokey color
*Absolem (also known as Homegrown)- frosty green color
*Drink Me, Eat Me (also known as Sin)- frosty pinky color
*Mad Hatter( also known as Twice Baked)- Shimmery dark brown color
*Jabberwocky (also known as Oil Slick)- Glittery black color

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Update- MAC and Sigma brushes

Hello I'm in the process of making more videos to upload on youtube. I'm sure everyone already knows about the MAC in Lillyland collection. Well the only thing I got when the collection frist came out was the Pearlmatte face powder. I think it's so pretty as an all over bronzer or even as a blush. I've been using it as blush since I've purchased it. I've also been wanting to get the cremeblend blush in so sweet so easy....well it's sold out everywhere around me. I'm a little upset because I've been trying to get my hands on it for some time now. When I went to the MAC counter to keep the new collection out, they were already sold out of that cremeblend blush. I'm very disappointed because I've gone to like 2 different malls and they both don't even have the tester for it. I've decided to order it online but I'm afraid that it'll be totally different than what it looks online. I haven't been able to see it in person so that's kind scary. I'm not a big fan of ordering online. Speaking of online....I finally purchased some Sigma makeup brushes. I've been wanting some of there brushes for a very long time....I would say since June of last year. Why has it taken me so long to order them? I don't know! I've basically let myself go by what others have to say. I've heard nothing but good things about Sigma makeup brushes so we'll see when I get them this week. I think I'm going to do 2 videos on the brushes. One of my initial thoughts/reaction and the second video on what I actually think of them. Probably in a few weeks. I have to test them out before I say anything about them. Well I think I've done enough rambling about random things. I will try to upload a video soon. Thanks for following my blog and watching my videos.

FTC: I did purchase these products with my own money. I was not paid to mention or review these products. These are my own thoughts and opinions. I am not affiliated with any of these brands/companies.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cargo Haul Video

Hey guys! I finally uploaded a new took my long enough. I know I've failed completely with my December favorites video and this is the first video in over a month that I've uploaded. But anyway, this new video is about Cargo Cosmetics. In case you all didn't know but the entire line is 50% off at Sephora. Don't can still find Cargo at Ulta and of course online. Sephora is no longer going to be partners with that line. For those of you that like or love Laura Geller Cosmetics that line too, is on sale....30% off. Kat Von D eyeshadows are also 50% hurry if any of these are your favorite brands! Enjoy!! If you haven't already watched my video, please check it out.
If you haven't subscribed, please feel free to do so!!

Here's what I got from Cargo:

TexasLash mascara
Lash Activator
Beach blush in Coral beach
3 eyeshadow quads: Shanghai, Tahiti, Toronto
Lip gloss quad in South Beach
Blu Ray pressed powder
Blu Ray Mattifier
Oil free foundation
Eyelighter in white

Kat Von D:
Dark gray duo eyeshadow in Sixxshooter