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Boscia "Bright Stars" Holiday Skincare Set

Hello everyone! How was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was fantastic :)

I wanted to share with you all my thoughts on the Boscia "Bright Stars" skincare set that I ordered from Sephora a few weeks back during the VIB sale. Watch my VIB sale haul here  So far I have formulated some opinions of the products and I'm giving you the 411 on it! First off, this brand is preservative free and great for sensitive skin. I decided on this kit because I wanted a skincare line that was more botanical and more nourishing for my skin since I'm using prescription medications for my acne. Also, this kit contains ingredients claimed to be holy grail in Japanese beauty rituals for geishas. So who wouldn't want to try, right? Here are the photos......

$54 at Sephora Online Only!
Complete packaging with box

A closer look.....

This kit includes (shown L to R above):

*Purifying Cleansing Gel (5oz. size): which is a full size product. So far this cleanser leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean. I don't feel it stripping away my skins natural oils which is great. My skin does feel a bit dry after washing with this cleanser but it's really not bad. I enjoy the fact that this product is full of good for you ingredients such as green tea and amnio acids. This is ideal for sensitive skin because Boscia advertises the line to be "preservative free".

*Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil (1.7oz. size): not quite full size but enough to do the job for a few weeks. It's a little less than half of the normal size bottle. I enjoy the cooling sensation from this product and it's not uncomfortable feeling. I find this makeup cleansing oil doesn't take off every trace of makeup with a couple of pumps of product. I've been using 2 pumps and it removes all of my face makeup but not everything around my eye area. Maybe if I used 3 or more pumps, I could get a cleaner makeup free face. Each pump dispenses a good amount of products so 3 pumps sounds like a lot. It seems that cleansing oils are big right now in the skincare arena. I was excited to use this item from the kit but I find that a regular makeup remover does the job better. It's claim is to refresh congested skin while dissolving makeup and impurities. After using this product I cleanse with the Purifying cleanser. 

*Self-Defense Vital Antioxidant Moisture SPF 30 (0.5 oz. size): Off the bat, I noticed this product is very small in amount even though the tube appears to be a deluxe size. I particularly don't prefer to use this product as my daytime moisturizer. I like it but not enough to purchase in full size. I think this works well in my forehead and cheek area while leaving my nose and chin feeling a bit dry. I am also not a fan of the smell. To me, it smells weird and it's hard to describe the scent. But, I do have to mention that I don't smell it after applying it. The SPF quality is great because it's always good to protect you skin. 

*Super-Charge Overnight Moisture (0.5 oz. size): again this product is a little less than half of the normal size tube. I am really enjoying this rich and luxurious feeling night cream. I love how nourishing it feels and it makes my skin ultra soft. It's great I think for all skin types since it's a night cream. The brand claims that this product restores and renews skin. I would purchase this full size. 

*Enlivening Amnio-AG eye treatment (0.2 0z. size): this eye cream is full of amnio acids and antioxidants that are great for your under eye area. It feels like silk, so rich and luxurious. I really love this eye cream. My under eye area feels really soft immediately after applying and throughout the day. Again, it's another product I would buy full size. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good eye cream from a brand that is full of botanical ingredients or really for anyone. 

*Tsubaki Oil (0.27 oz. size): Another product I was looking forward to. I was a bit skeptical on using oils on my oily skin. But after reading that oils help balance out oily skin, I was inclined to try. Unlike many face oils, this one doesn't contain pore clogging and acne causing mineral oil. So far, I think it's very moisturizing. I use this during the day time every morning after cleansing. It has helped me with my slight peeling due to my nightly application of RetinA for my cystic acne. The brand claims that this replenishes the skin to hide past damage giving you softer more supple skin. Also, the brand claims that Camellia oil (which is part of Japanese beauty rituals) is said to be non-comedonegenic.  I would purchase this full size.  

*100 Sheets of Green Tea Blotting Linens: This is full size product and the packaging is basic but functional and cute. I am not a fan of blotting sheets, period. I feel blotting sheets do work but lift off your foundation and I don't like that. These on the other hand are nice. They're ultra thin sheets of green tea and they smell just like tea. I'm a big tea drinker so the smell appeals to me. They also look speckled almost like a robin's egg. Honestly, I haven't used these too much to give an in depth review. I don't normally think to use blotting papers so I'll have to keep using this product before I decide whether or not to repurchase. 

So there you go. I know this was long and lengthy but I wanted to give you my honest opinions. I wouldn't misguide anyone on any of the products I purchase so I go real deep with my reviews. I hope you enjoyed it and find something you would like to try. 

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All brand "claims" stated above are paraphrased from Sephora's website.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Formula X The Twenty-Two Nail Polish Set

Hello everyone!

Last night I posted a video review on the Formula X The Twenty-Two nail polish set from Sephora. If you haven't seen it, Click here to get up close with all the lovely colors. This set contains 22 nail polishes that range from neutrals, to brights/neons, to metallics to awesome glitters. It has a great mix of all colors and finishes. It's the perfect gift for anyone who loves doing their nails. You can buy this set from Sephora for $55. I know this may seem like a lot money for mini size bottles but the quality is amazing. My video, linked above shares everything you need to know about these babies!

The pictures below of swatches are only using one coat without base coats and top coats.

A row of brights/neons, metallic and glitters!

A row of neutrals, classics and fun glitters!

Swatches of all 22 colors!
One coat without base/top coats

Again, these colors are truly amazing. There are a few neons that need a second coat and obviously a top coat due them drying with a matte finish. This aspect of neon nail polishes is to be expected regardless of the brand and cost. Sephora has so many colors to choose from and it can be slightly overwhelming when browsing their selections.  I had on a few shades for 5 days without any chipping!! This is huge, guys! I'm totally in love :) I would definitely recommend these to everyone. I hope you love them as much as I do.  Which colors are your faves? 

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lancome Teint Idole 24H Makeup Foundation Review

Hey everyone! How's your Sunday going? 

Today I wanted to do a quick review of this Lancome foundation that I have been wearing for a little while. I got a sample from Sephora back in October while on the hunt for a new foundation. I have tried several tons of foundations claiming to be the next big thing. But none seem to fit the bill. Well before I get into the review, I must share with you some background info on my skin.

I have combo/oily skin that is prone to breakout...mainly cystic acne face demons. Plus I have a lot of scarring left behind by those said demons. So my skin is a bit tricky to work with and most foundations just don't do much for me. Now I have a few face powders that I go and forth with from time to time but foundations aren't something I have to choose from in my makeup stash. 

So this Lancome foundation is called Teint Idole Ultra 24H Makeup! Yup, that's a mouth full. On the box it says "wear & comfort, retouch-free makeup, divine perfection for all skin types". Normally "oily" skin people can't be in an "all skin types" category.  But somehow this foundation works for me. Lately I have been extra oily due to medications I'm taking so I still do get a bit oily through this foundation but it's not as bad as if I were to wear other liquid face products. So below I have broken down all the claims and my thoughts on this baby.

*Lancome claims that this foundation is it's first 24 hour foundation that was launched after 8 years of research. I'm sure this may be the first 24 hour foundation for Lancome but as for the 8 years of research for this one product...not too sure if I believe that. 

*Full coverage & velvety matte finish: I do find this foundation to be on the fuller side of coverage. Totally full coverage? No! it's not. I can still see my scars through the foundation, so I just add a little more in the areas I need or use concealer. There is a slight sheen to my skin(not to be mistaken for shimmery or luminous) I guess I should say it's not completely flat looking when applied. 

*This foundation is Oil free, Fragrance free, Transfer free, Non-comedogenic and Tested on sensitive skin: I like all these qualities in this product. It's very important for me to find products without pore clogging oils, without fragrances to irritate my sensitive skin and most importantly ones that are not pore clogging or acne causing. Two Thumbs up!!

*24 Hour claim: Well honestly I never wear makeup for a full 24 hours. I only usually get 8 hours of makeup wear in my day. So it's does last and it doesn't break down after 8 hours, so I'm happy. 

*Price- $45 It's a bit steep for 1 oz. of foundation but this will last me a while. Besides, a little goes a long way. On average most department store foundations are around this price. 

*SPF 15: Good to have in a foundation. It doesn't have that flashback look in photos, so it's perfect for those upcoming holiday portraits. 

Basic packaging: Glass bottle with a pump.
My Bottom line
I really like this foundation but not the price, hahaha. I find that I still get oily but I know it's due to medications I'm of those being RetinA. It feels very lightweight and smooth. It blends so easily and it can be built up without looking cakey. Would I buy again? Yes I would unless I try something else that's better. But for now this will be my go to foundation to carry me into the winter months. I would recommend this for those who are combo, normal or slightly oily. Extremely oily skin can use it but make sure to apply a mattifying primer underneath and a sheer powder to set it. Oh by the way, I don't normally use a powder to set this foundation. I use my Hourglass "diffused light" all over very lightly. 

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Sephora Favorites Give Me More Lip

Hi all,
Today I'm sharing with you my thoughts, swatch-y goodness and tons of pictures on Sephora's Give Me More Lip kit. This kit is $59 at Sephora stores and online (currently sold out online, but Click here to shop the website) I used my VIB 20% off discount yesterday Nov 7th to buy a ton of different holiday kits. More reviews coming soon on those. Want to see all the goodness I bought? Click here

Now onto this baby.....
$59 at Sephora
16 piece set
mixture of Full size & Deluxe size
The Reds

                                                           Color Descriptions:

                  *MUFE "N45"- a sheer semi glossy red with a hint of a berry tone.

             *Kat Von D "Adora"- Camera didn't pick up the golden shimmer/foiled effect.  
                     It's a shimmery orange-y red. So beautiful in person!

            *Bite "Pomegranate"- An intense creamy bright true red with a slight glossy finish.

          *Hourglass "Icon"- Deep rich red with a bit of berry undertone. The formula is
                                                     on the thinner side.

The Pinks

Color Descriptions:

         *Too Faced "Marshmallow Bunny"- sheer light pink with slight glossy finish. Since it's 
a light pink it comes across a little bright. It has a slight lemon scent.

   *Bare Minerals "Never Say Never"- Intense creamy bright medium pink. I love the 
pigmentation and finish of this lipstick.

*Kat Von D "Backstage Bambi"- A thin but extremely pigmented bright pink. 
It applies opaquely with one layer.

 *Smashbox "Pout"- A very glossy light pale pink. I've tried this years ago and I'm not 
the biggest fan of Smashbox's lip glosses. I don't care for the 
smell...which isn't offensive when worn. 

The Nudes

                                                               Color Descriptions:

                      *Smashbox "Nylon Nude"- Creamy brown-y nude color. I had to build this swatch up
 a  bit at first but it has good pigmentation.

                 *Buxom "White Russian"- Very glossy beige nude with a slight tingle. I love the 
             plumping aspect of the buxom line. It's not a painful tingle just a slight minty feel. I enjoy 
using buxom glosses.

              *Stila "Dolce"- Intense brown liquid lipstick that has a thin formula. The packaging is slightly  deceiving since it doesn't look this dark in the tube. This probably the lip 
product I'm the least thrilled about. Not really the nude I'm into.

      *Laura Mercier "Bare Naked"- Glossy nude with a slight peachy tone and golden shimmer. 
 It's very comfortable to wear, no stickiness! It's a nice gloss to wear over 
other lipsticks or alone for low maintenance days. 

The Berries


                                                              Color Descriptions:

                   *Stila "Sonya"- A sheer glossy berry balm lipstick. I don't like the packaging on this one.  It's in a lipstick tube but you can't twist it up or down, which is odd. I feel like when I go to 
place the cap back on I'll end up messing up the lipstick. Besides that it's a nice color for fall.

    *Buxom "Menace'- An intense deep creamy berry, nice vampy color. It looks a lot deeper in the packaging then it swatches. Perfect fall color!!

 *Tarte "Inspired"- A light berry shade. There's no shimmer or glossy finish...more matte looking. It's a bit drier than other lipsticks I've tried. I guess it's because of the "12 hr" claim. Long 
wearing products tend to be thinner and drier feeling on the lips. A definite wearable berry color.   

*OCC "Strumpet"- Wowza! So intense, it's a deep true berry color. So vampy and sexy looking! Literally all you need is one drop for an opaque finish. I've never tried lip tars before so I'm
 excited for this one.        

So there it is guys! I hope this was helpful. I know there's a lot of information on this post but this kit seems to be very popular online (sold out status, currently) but it's available in stores. I really love the colors and variety of finishes. My one nag if you will, is that there's several products from the same cosmetic line. I wish Sephora would have included other brand names they carry (i.e. Dior, Lancome, Givenchy, etc.) Maybe that's something they could improve for next year. As far as the price, $59 is decent for the amount, 16 products in which there are a couple full sizes.  
Think this kit may be too many lip products for you? Read my review on Sephora's smaller version

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What are your thoughts on this kit? Which ones are your favorite?

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Franken Polish Starter Kit

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to share with you some information on making your own homemade glitter nail polishes. I know this sounds more complicated than it actually is, but trust me it's easy. You do need several supplies which are key to making glitter polishes the right way. By the right way, I mean making polishes with a suspension base and not clear nail polish. The method of using clear nail polish only works when you make it to use immediately not long term. It will not have a long shelf life. With that method the glitter settles to the bottom and gets stuck which means it's not useable. I know you may find some blogs or YouTube videos saying this works and to use a tooth pick to mix everything together, but I've tried this and I am not happy with the results. It quite frankly wasted my money.

So below are pictures of a Franken Polish kit that I order from an Etsy shop. There will be a link below to where and from whom I purchased it from. I paid $32 plus shipping fees. I think this kit is very affordable and you do get everything you need.

DIY Franken Polish Starter Kit No.2
by misfitson8th on Etsy $32

This kit includes:

* 4 oz. bottle of a clear suspension base. This suspension base is the main component of glitter polish. It keeps the glitter floating throughout the bottle instead of settling to the bottom. 

*6 mini (5ml) and 6 full size (15ml) empty nail polish bottles.

*24 Stainless steel agitator balls. This is what helps mix the polish together. 

*14 different kinds of solvent resistant glitters. You get one pack of 8 solids that every kit gets and you choose your glitter mixes from what she has available in which you get 6 glitter mixes. All mini zip lock bags come with 1 teaspoon of glitter (very generous size)

*2 measuring spoons and flower shaped funnel- the spoons aren't included normally with the kit but the funnel is. I asked if she would be kind to include mixing spoons. I offered to mention her in my nail tutorial videos since she is very nice and responds very quickly. 

A closer look at some of the pieces:

The suspension base
This is needed to make glitter polishes that will last.
4 oz. size shown 
Stainless Steel agitator balls
This is required for mixing purposes
24 count shown
Measuring spoons and funnel
The flower shaped funnel is part of the kit &
I asked for the spoons to be added.

So I hope this helps you with some supplies needed. Now the fun part is finding your favorite glitters and creating your very own nail polish. I really like this because I can create my own unique polishes that are perfect for me. I do have a video tutorial on how to make a glitter polish. This is my first creation and there's many more to come. Click here for that tutorial!

I really like Etsy for affordable loose glitter mixes. Click here to search for glitters
Misfitson8th Etsy shop:

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