Sunday, September 4, 2011

Urban Decay Book of Shadow 4

Hi everyone!! OMG!!!!! This palette from Urban Decay is finally available for purchase $64. Visit your local Sephora and Ulta stores or Urban Decays website

I love this so much. I love the packaging which is typical for their BOS (book of shadows) but this one to me is more special. I absolutely love butterflies and I was immediately drawn to this palette.

So let me give you the scoop on this.......The picture on the upper right hand side shows you all the beautiful plastic butterflies that pop up, there is a "get the look" card that has QR codes that when scanned with your smartphone, it'll take you to a video tutorial for that specific look. You can watch 5 different tutorials using your QR response app. There is also a decent size mirror and on the left side of the mirror there's a little pocket where you can place your phone and follow along with the video tutorial of your choice.

Ok, so once you pull open the bottom drawer, you'll find 16 beautiful eyeshadows ( 6 of them are repromoted/shades that have been used in other palettes)

* indicates new LE shade

L to R 1st row: Blue Bus* ~ a beautiful medium tone metallic purple; Gunmetal~ a nice deep gray with a bit of glitter; Cobra*~ a goregous blackend golden olive shade; Baked~ a rich gold(UD's standard shade that goes in everything!)

L to R 2nd row: Bender* ~ beautiful dark green that's perfect for fall; Gravity* ~ a nice dark purple with silver glitter; Lost* ~ beautiful dark bronzey brown shade; Hijack* ~ an awesome dark teal

L to R 3rd row: Midnight Cowgirl~ a glittery light gold that can be purchased individually; Sin~ one of my favorite eyeshadow which is also in the Naked palette is a nice shimmery champagney pink; Midnight Rodeo~ a very glittery light creamy tan shade that is also in the 15th anniversary palette; Crystal*~ is this probably the most exciting shade in the's such a unique pale icy light blue with multidimensinal shimmer (not glitter!)

L to R 4th row: Bust* ~ very pigmented taupe shade; Missionary* ~ shimmery light champagney taupe; Skimp* ~ a soft shimmery highlight shade with a touch of pink; Zephyr*~ traditional shimmery gold highlight shadow.

Also on the bottom drawer: A new 24/7 liquid liner in perversion, a mini of Urban Decay's curling mascara, a mini primer potion (a regular in every palette) and cable extensions to connect your phone to the mini speaker box that is also included in this palette. Yup, that's right...Urban Decay added a cute speaker for music!

All of the colors in this palette are extremely pigmented! I love how there's only a few shades with glitter so I can deal with that. I don't use glitter often due to my contact lenses. I hope that you all enjoyed the pictures and eyeshadow descriptions. A video review of this palette will be up soon on my YouTube channel. Follow me on twitter for daily update