Thursday, August 4, 2011

My favorite Summer Neutral nail polishes

Hi everyone! This blog post will be on my favorite summer neutral nail polishes. Not always do I want to wear dark shades or clear polish after a manicure so I find myself reaching for these shades a lot. I've been called by some of my friends "grandma" because I always wore light shades of polish. I never ventured into the beautiful color world of nail polishes. It's been about a year and a half since I've been experimenting with colorful nail polishes- but that being said good neutrals are a must in my collection. I have picked several of my faves to review.....

(L to R)

China Glaze- Fairy Dust: This is my absolute favorite shade for glitter polish. I have sworn off glitter because of the difficuly I have removing it. I have been given some tips from my fellow viewers on how to remove stubborn glitter nail polish. What I love about this nail polish is the multidimensional colored glitter that is so beautiful, I also love how evenly this applies on a clean nail or over another nail polish color. This just adds that extra kick to a manicure :)

China Glaze- White Cap: This is another glitter polish! It is the most beautiful gold glitter polish I have seen. It looks golden white in the bottle but this is perfect on its own. Two coats will make this opaque. Great on top of other colors as well.

OPI- I pink I love you: A sheer pink with a soft blue-ish sheen...almost like a cotton candy color. I love the soft pink sheen this gives my nails. I can apply one coat for a sheer healthy pink glow to my nails or two coats for the perfect irridescent baby pink. This is a color that can be worn all year long no matter what the season is. It's a great staple for any nail polish collection.

China Glaze- Something Sweet: I would describe this as the most perfect pastel pink I have seen. I currently own 2 bottles because I love it so much :) Two coats will create a very opaque pastel pink. It applies evenly without streaking. This picture doesn't do the color justice!

OPI- At first sight: Several of my viewers asked me about a polish I was wearing a few videos back and this is it. Its the perfect neutral shimmery opaque creamy nude! That's a long description but it's accurate :) It's such a pretty shimmery color that is ideal for summertime. This can be worn alone or with underneath glitter top coats or the OPI shattered collection.

China Glaze- Sunset Sail: This is from a collection that came out several months back. When I purchased this color, I had my doubts that just maybe I wasn't gonna like it. Well, once I applied this color; I was like omg! I love it. It's a nude color with a shimmery peachy tone to it. Its almost like a nude skin tone color but with peach. It's great!!

As you all can see I'm a big fan of China Glaze nail polishes. These polishes can be purchased at any Ulta store location or on any of the following links

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Questions and comments are always welcome so please feel free to leave them on my channel or twitter. Links to those will be below after additional pictures. Thanks for reading!