Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Date Night Makeup!

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I hope you all are having an awesome start to your week! A few days ago I posted a new makeup tutorial on my beauty channel http://www.youtube.com/user/GlamourbyLexi that is perfect for an upcoming date night with your special someone or for girls night or simply for anytime really. I love the impact this look has with a bit of wearable smokey-ness around the eyes and a huge pop of color on the lips. This is most definitely a look that can be customized for what you feel comfortable in. In the video I changed lip colors to a softer pink moisturizing lip stain. Click on the link above to watch an easy step by step tutorial!

Products used:

Urban Decay Vice Palette ( eyeshadow colors: Anonymous, Laced, Armor and Black Market)
Maybelline the Rocket Volume Mascara
Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Foundation
MAC blush in Pink Tea
Wet n Wild Mega Last Liquid Lip Color in Do I make you blush? (shown above)
Tarte LipSurgence in Perky (second lip option, a soft glossy pink)

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Skincare Products!

Hey guys!

So if you have been keeping up with me for some time now, you'd already know that I can't stick to a skincare regime for too long, ha! I've always wanted to have that regime that is my absolute "go to" that I never deviate from. Well, it's been years of hunting for products that can help control my acne prone skin. I don't have the usual acne that most people have or get from time to time. I suffer from cystic acne...which is the worst kind! I have gone to the Dermatologist before for treatments, medications and steroid shots but with an 8 month old whose still nursing, those aren't options anymore. I can and will eventually go back once I ween my son off of nursing. But in the mean time, it's trial and error.

I recently filmed a video discussing my thoughts on the Michael Todd True Organics line that I have been using since April. I still enjoy it but was recommended another line. A link to my beauty channel will be below. I went about 2 weeks ago to get a facial because I was breaking out like nobody's business. I had like 7 cystic bumps at once and was feeling miserable. If you've ever had a cystic break out, you know how it feels. I wanted to get my face cleaned professionally so that I could start to feel better. I took advantage of my time with the aesthetician that I asked her many questions regarding my skin and products. Luckily, she was a nice lady who really wanted to help me :)

So while getting a facial, I found out what skin type I actually have and what products I should try for my cystic acne. I have combination skin, meaning some parts (nose, cheeks and chin) are oily and a bit drier in my forehead area. Basically I was guided towards combination skin type products. I was also recommended to use only an acne spot treatment in the areas needed and not all over to prevent further drying and irritation of my skin. I've always known about using certain products on certain areas of the face but I guess I was getting really frustrated with everything I had been using. Now I do have to take medication every morning for my thyroid disorder so that could also be a reason for my sudden all over break outs. I can do a blog post or video on this subject, if you are interested. Let me know below.

The line recommended to me was Dermalogica, which can be found at Ulta. The kit below is the one I am currently using. At this point, anything is worth a shot. I have been using these products for a few weeks now. I am enjoying the products so far. Of course, as usual there will be a review coming up for this skincare line. Follow me on Twitter for updates on beauty related videos (link is below). This is the easiest why to stay updated with whats happening on my channel and personal life.

I am putting together a lot of information regarding acne and oily skin for a future video that is coming very soon. I am still working on this because I want it to be perfect. I would really appreciate any comments, tips or questions regarding this matter so that I can address it in that video. Other people may need or can use the guidance provided by our peers. Every bit of info is helpful for all of us in some way.

If you have questions on the skincare line below, please leave it in the comment section below or on my beauty channel.

Skincare Kit $37 at Ulta stores!

Thank you all for reading and leaving your tips below. I appreciate your support :) 

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Milani Easybrow Automatic Pencil Review!

Hi guys & Happy Mondaaayy!

Today I wanted to share with you all my thoughts on this Milani eyebrow pencil that I have been using for several months now. I found this product after searching for an easy to use drugstore brand eyebrow pencil. I think having a good reliable pencil to fill in your brows is great to have in your makeup collection. Regardless of what form of eyebrow product you use currently, having a "go to or back up" product is a good idea. I know from time to time I like switching from powders to pencils to tinted brow gel. Now a days there's so many different options that it's hard to narrow down the "right" options for your brows. I hope with this review I can give you some insight on a pencil thats great and affordable.

I've seen many different cosmetic brands online and on QVC demonstrating the greatness of having a universal brow pencil. Almost always the universal eyebrow pencil is in a taupe-ish color. Some cosmetic brands even swear by the "one color fits all". I was kinda skeptical because lets face it guys....not everyone can use the same colors or same tones of a shade. So instead of ordering an overpriced pencil with ridiculous claims (you guys know how I feel about product claims!) I ventured to my local stores to find such a product. I came across this eyebrow pencil from Milani.

It comes in the shade "natural taupe" which is great. It has a bit of a brown undertone which I feel makes this pencil suitable for my brunette/red-ish hair color. My eyebrow hairs themselves are very dark, almost black but very sparse and thin...if that makes sense. I don't like using colors that are very dark because when the product is blended with my eyebrow hairs, it makes them look too dark and artificial looking. Picture someone using a black sharpie to fill in brows.....now ya get why I don't use anything darker than a medium brown. Believe it or not, this "natural taupe" really works for me.

I really love how this pencil is automatic so there's no need to mess around with pencil sharpers. This aspect makes it very travel friendly. I also really enjoy this double ended design too. I always use the spoolie brush first to tame my hairs and again after I apply the product to blend everything out. I have oily skin and this stays put even with weather over 100 degrees. I live in Texas, people! So it's important to have products that can stand up to the heat. Oh and did I mention this pencil is not more than $6....great price tag! On the Milani website (link is below) this pencil comes in 2 shades, Natural Taupe and Dark Brown. I even got my mom to start using this easybrow pencil. In case you are wondering, my mom has a golden light brown hair color and dark brown eyes. This pencil works great for her too. Several years ago my mom got her eyebrows tattooed because the hairs weren't growing back and the hairs she did have were very thin and light. After some years, her tattooed eyebrows have faded so using a good brow pencil is crucial for her as well.

I have used this pencil before in previous tutorials on my YouTube beauty channel and have also featured this product in several monthly beauty favorites videos. Check out my beauty channel for makeup related videos (link is below). I hope you find this review and photos helpful. If you have any recommendations for drugstore eyebrow products please leave them in the comment section below or message me through Twitter!

"Natural Taupe" eyebrow pencil from Milani

Natural Taupe #003

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