Sunday, February 26, 2012

Natural FX foundation from Cover FX

Hello Everyone!! So I have recorded a few foundation reviews and I thought why don't I post a blog on one of them?? I have decided to review the Natural FX water based foundation from Cover FX for you guys.

This product and many others from Cover FX can be found at Sephora stores and on their website. So I'm going to break down the good and the bad of this foundation which I hope helps you all. There are lots of good things about this foundation. It claims to have "all day wear" which in my opinion with my extremely oily skin it does stay on. The reason why I chose this foundation was because of all the good qualities about it. I felt good about putting this product on my skin without having to worry that it was going cause more break outs on my acne prone skin. And now the break down..........

* I love that its water based meaning there's more H2O then bad "no good" ingredients like Oil.
* This foundation is Oil Free, Fragrance Free and best of all non- comedogenic... yay!!!!!
* It has also been tested and recommended by Dermatologists (stated on the packaging)
* It contains several vitamins that help nourish the skin.
* It has an SPF 15
* I really like the squeeze tube packaging which makes it easy to store in my makeup collection and to travel with.
* This line of foundation has a pretty good range of colors for those with cool, warm or neutral undertones. You will notice a letter B,C,E,or M in front of a number on the box. B=golden deep tones C= cool with pink undertones E= equal parts of pink and yellow tones and M= more yellow/olive tones. (I wear M20, which is very yellow to cancel out my pinkish/reddish undertone)

* It is not the foundation suited for very oily skin as it claims to "leave skin rehydrated and radiant looking"
It makes my skin look very greasy, not a good look!
* It's really only suitable for normal and combination skin types.
* With my skin undergoing changes due to prescribed acne meds, this foundation really enhances my dry patches.
* If you have any dry spots on your face this foundation will cling to those areas- also not good!
* The formula is very pigmented so it does provide a nice coverage but it's just too thick for me.
* It's a little pricey..... $40 for 1 oz.

As you can tell there are lots of things that I like about this foundation but unfortunately the "greasy" look is not what I'm into, LOL. If you are interested in this foundation, ask a Sephora makeup artist for a sample on your next visit. I like samples because you are not obligated to purchase the items and you get to try something new. So I hope this review helps in your quest for a new foundation. Please visit my YouTube channel to watch makeup/beauty related videos :) Thanks for stopping by :)