Thursday, August 6, 2015

Makeup Revolution 'Eyes Like Angels' Palette Review

Hello all!

It has been a really long time since I've posted anything here. Today I am back and thought I'd share my thoughts and swatches of one of my current absolute favorite eyeshadow palettes.

Makeup Revolution, a UK based makeup brand; is fairly new to me. I ordered a few things back in May and I've loved everything thus far. One of the biggest things I noticed from this brand, is how CHEAP everything is! Secondly, they create "dupes" for more expensive high end beauty items. Then to top it all, the quality is actually great :)

Today's post is on the 'Eyes Like Angels' ultra eyeshadow palette! One that I like  love so much. This palette contains 32 eyeshadows in a range of beautiful shades (bright to neutral) in a variation of finishes. There are a couple of matte finishes but mostly everything is either shimmery or metallic.

The pigmentation as you will see below, is amazing! The quality and creaminess of these shadows have a very high end feel. After converting currency from GDP to USD on the Makeup Revolution site, the total cost ended up being $12.50  What?! Insane.

Here are the swatches:

 The following photos are zoomed in to show the texture of these eyeshadows.

The metallic eyeshadows have a super creamy and soft feel. If you've ever tried the Makeup Geek foiled eyeshadows, then you'll have an idea of what these are like. You will actually see imprints of your finger and/or brush in the pan...just like MUG foiled shadows.

Overall, I'm in love. These are pretty awesome for the money. The entire palette of 32 eyeshadows at $12.50......means each eyeshadow costs 39 cents! This is crazy. I don't believe you'll find quality and pigmentation like this at this price anywhere else!

I highly recommend this to anyone who loves eyeshadows especially metallic/foiled finishes.

To shop this palette or to browse the Makeup Revolution line: click here
*Makeup Revolution does have USA website (limited products available for purchase): click here to access that site.
*Some products from Makeup Revolution (limited range) can now be purchased through Ulta: click here
(none of these links are affiliate)

I hope this review was helpful if you were curious about this brands products. If you've never heard of Makeup Revolution, I hope that you'll give the site a look through :)

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