Wednesday, August 13, 2014

BITE BEAUTY Luminous Crème Lipstick Duos

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Today I'm sharing with you my thoughts along with swatches of a few Bite Beauty Luminous Creme lipstick duos that I purchased from Sephora several weeks ago. I've tried a few things from Bite Beauty but I've never made my way around to the lipsticks... oddly enough! At this point, I'm wishing I would have started my experimenting with the lipstick range first.

The luminous creme lipsticks are incredibly smooth, pigmented and full on color. It's a 'what you see is what you get' type of product. The line of luminous creme lipsticks from Bite Beauty come in 31 different shades all available at Sephora both in store and online. Click here to order yours online :)
One of the main differences between Bite Beauty and other lipstick brands, is that Bite incorporates antioxidants just like the ones found in red wine into their lipstick formula. Also, another cool aspect of this brand is that their lipstick tips are shaped different according to the color which allows for a perfect application time after time.

So when I saw (around the check-out line) these lipstick duos, I knew I needed to jump on it. Unfortunately, the duos only come in the shades shown below. These duos are $12 a piece....awesome price :) Of course with most smaller packaged products, you don't get quite as much as a full sized product. But it's ok for me since I hardly go through an entire lipstick tube. I find these sizes are perfect for those who want to try some of the Bite Beauty lipsticks.

Swatches & final thoughts....

small enough to fit into a purse
without taking too much space
0.05 oz. each side
Neutral duo- Lychee & Musk
Vivid duo- Palomino & Violet
$12 each at Sephora
Vivid duo- Violet & Palomino

Luminous Creme in "Palomino"
bright magenta shade

Luminous Creme in "Violet"
bright purple shade
Neutral duo- Musk & Lychee

Luminous Creme in "Lychee"
pinky nude shade 
Luminous Creme in "Musk"
pinky brown nude shade

Overall, I am very impressed with these four lipstick shades. I would recommend these duos to anyone that is looking for great lipsticks. The price point is great because the quality is outstanding. I can definitely see these becoming my go to shades even as we approach the fall season. The finish of these lipsticks are very smooth and creamy and make your lips look fuller and soft. 

I like how even the two neutral shades are opaque enough to conceal my natural lip color for a true nude look. Another thing to mention, the duo in Palomino and Violet (vivid duo) does leave a stained finish after the lipstick wears off. The stain on the lips is not crazy looking so no worries ;) 

I hope this quick review was helpful. Click on the link provided above if you are interested in ordering these duos. 

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