Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hey guys!! I've been so busy that I haven't uploaded a new video in like 2 weeks maybe longer. I'm not sure. I hope to get a video up today...more than likely it's going to be my October favorites video. I don't have time to do a tutorial video today. I wish I had the time but like I said I'm way too busy. I will try to get better at uploading videos with my crazy schedule. But thank you to all my subscribers and viewers. If you haven't subscribed please do so. I'm glad to be getting positive feed back from you all. I enjoy reading all the comments you all post to my videos. And most importantly, that you all seem to find my videos helpful. Nice! After all, I'm doing these videos because I think I can help women with their makeup routine and with product knowledge. It seems to be working. Thanks again.....

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