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Milani Easybrow Automatic Pencil Review!

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Today I wanted to share with you all my thoughts on this Milani eyebrow pencil that I have been using for several months now. I found this product after searching for an easy to use drugstore brand eyebrow pencil. I think having a good reliable pencil to fill in your brows is great to have in your makeup collection. Regardless of what form of eyebrow product you use currently, having a "go to or back up" product is a good idea. I know from time to time I like switching from powders to pencils to tinted brow gel. Now a days there's so many different options that it's hard to narrow down the "right" options for your brows. I hope with this review I can give you some insight on a pencil thats great and affordable.

I've seen many different cosmetic brands online and on QVC demonstrating the greatness of having a universal brow pencil. Almost always the universal eyebrow pencil is in a taupe-ish color. Some cosmetic brands even swear by the "one color fits all". I was kinda skeptical because lets face it guys....not everyone can use the same colors or same tones of a shade. So instead of ordering an overpriced pencil with ridiculous claims (you guys know how I feel about product claims!) I ventured to my local stores to find such a product. I came across this eyebrow pencil from Milani.

It comes in the shade "natural taupe" which is great. It has a bit of a brown undertone which I feel makes this pencil suitable for my brunette/red-ish hair color. My eyebrow hairs themselves are very dark, almost black but very sparse and thin...if that makes sense. I don't like using colors that are very dark because when the product is blended with my eyebrow hairs, it makes them look too dark and artificial looking. Picture someone using a black sharpie to fill in ya get why I don't use anything darker than a medium brown. Believe it or not, this "natural taupe" really works for me.

I really love how this pencil is automatic so there's no need to mess around with pencil sharpers. This aspect makes it very travel friendly. I also really enjoy this double ended design too. I always use the spoolie brush first to tame my hairs and again after I apply the product to blend everything out. I have oily skin and this stays put even with weather over 100 degrees. I live in Texas, people! So it's important to have products that can stand up to the heat. Oh and did I mention this pencil is not more than $6....great price tag! On the Milani website (link is below) this pencil comes in 2 shades, Natural Taupe and Dark Brown. I even got my mom to start using this easybrow pencil. In case you are wondering, my mom has a golden light brown hair color and dark brown eyes. This pencil works great for her too. Several years ago my mom got her eyebrows tattooed because the hairs weren't growing back and the hairs she did have were very thin and light. After some years, her tattooed eyebrows have faded so using a good brow pencil is crucial for her as well.

I have used this pencil before in previous tutorials on my YouTube beauty channel and have also featured this product in several monthly beauty favorites videos. Check out my beauty channel for makeup related videos (link is below). I hope you find this review and photos helpful. If you have any recommendations for drugstore eyebrow products please leave them in the comment section below or message me through Twitter!

"Natural Taupe" eyebrow pencil from Milani

Natural Taupe #003

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