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Zoeva Love Is A Story Eyeshadow Palette Review

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I realize that I skipped last weeks post which I hardly ever do. I've been wanting to post a quick review with swatches of another Zoeva eyeshadow palette. As I mentioned in my Zoeva unboxing video (posted on my youtube channel), I ordered the Story Kit which contains four eyeshadow palettes.

Recently, Zoeva launched two more palettes to add to their palette collection. Both which are gorgeous, by the way! If you would like to browse their site, then click here :) Today I am sharing my thoughts on the Love Is A Story eyeshadow palette. This palette to me is so beautiful because it's full of great colors, from light neutrals to a few pops of color. I find that this palette overall has a bit of everything. I think this palette can please most people who love neutrals but that also like to play with colors.

Here's what all the Zoeva palettes look like. Love Is A Story is the bright purple palette on the upper right hand corner :)

Here is a view of the entire palette:

Love Is A Story

Close ups of the colors:

*I was a bit more zoomed in on this photo.

 Swatches :)

Love Is A Story
(top row)
L to R: Film Star, Affair, Past Romance, Man with a Plan, Ladylike

Film Star: a matte light cream
Affair: a soft shimmery peachy pink
Past Romance: a lavender with gold flecks *not chunky glitter :) 
Man with a Plan: a shimmery dark bronze-y brown
Ladylike: a matte bright turquoise 

This top row is the fun one that contains the pops of colors. I love the finishes, quality and the opaque pigmentation of each shade. The colors in this row are just beautiful!! I am beyond impressed with how creamy and soft these really are. I love how Ladylike (turquoise shade) is a pigmented matte....yes! matte formula. Bright mattes are notorious for being difficult to create, swatch and blend. Honestly, I can't say anything bad for these!

Love Is A Story
(bottom row)
L to R: Over You, Little Kiss, Old fashioned, Flirt, Mystery Date

Over You: a matte tan with a slight mustard tone
Little Kiss: a shimmery gold with a touch of bronze
Old fashioned: a shimmery deep smokey purple
Flirt: a matte dark grey
Mystery Date: a shimmery deep rich navy

The second row, as you can see, is the one that contains the neutral shades. I love how this palette gives you several dark options for creating smokey looks. I also love how Over You and Flirt are in matte formulas which are great for crease/transition shades. Mystery Date swatch didn't photograph well but it's definitely a shimmery rich navy not black as it appears above.

Overall, I love this palette! It swatches great, offers lots of options and looks incredible. I truly think many of you will enjoy this palette and will be able to create tons of different looks. As I've said in my previous Zoeva post (here) I really recommend these palettes. The Story Palette Kit (first photo shown above) is $73 USD for four palettes. If you would like to purchase these individually, they'll cost $21.50 USD a piece. I think the price is great being that it's much more affordable than some of the more well known higher end brands and I think the quality of these are just as good if not better :) Also, you'll have to convert the currency on the website to USD if you're in the U.S.A. since this brand is German. 

I hope this quick review was helpful for you. Let me know your thoughts if you've tried these or if you have questions about Zoeva! 

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