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Earth,Mama,Angel Baby Organics Milkmaid Tea Review

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Today I wanted to post a review on this organic milkmaid tea that I have been drinking for the past several months. I'm taking a little break from filming to relax from all the travels and moving that I've done over the last couple of weeks. As most of you already know, I have a 5 month old :) And naturally with becoming a new mom, most of us would love to exclusively breastfeed our babies. It's truly the best way to nourish your new baby.

Of course, there are some of us that are not so gifted in the milk department. And that's ok! My body is not that great at producing breast milk. So what can we do to get a little boost? Drink Tea! Yes, that's right, a little tea can make a difference. I am not a professional midwife but I can tell you a bit of my journey to supplementing my son. Maybe you can find some helpful tips along the way.....

I have been told by my midwife that Fenugreek seed pills can help too. These herbal supplements can be found at most drugstores. I find mine at WholeFoods for an affordable price. Now there are tons of breast milk boosting teas and over the counter supplements that you can try. It's all trial and error with these products since every woman is different. What works for me may not work for you..but it's worth a try. My midwife also said that I could try milk boosting teas as well since I wanted to increase my supply. There are other tea brands that make milk boosting teas, if I try any of them I'll keep you guys posted.

I found this organic milkmaid tea at my local BabiesRUs. The company's website will be listed below if you prefer to order online or want to read the reviews on there. I was a bit skeptical about a tea really working. I first purchased one box and read reviews online. All reviews were very positive and informative too. So I figured, why not? This tea contains many different herbal ingredients such as fennel seed (not very tasty), anise seed, red raspberry leaf, caraway seeds, fenugreek, and milk thistle seed. None of these seeds sounds appealing, haha! I've read online that these herbs have been used since the ancient times to help mothers produce healthy milk. Now for the's doesn't taste too bad nor is it good tasting either. Lets just say it's not a flavor of tea I'd normally choose. Over time I have gotten used to the flavor and it's actually not bad to me. The smell is a bit off putting since those herbal ingredients smell very strong. I can smell the tea bags as soon as I open the box.

You can drink up to 3 cups daily according to the directions. I usually drink about 2 cups every other day. I'm not good at keeping up with drinking this tea on a daily basis. I prepare my tea using a microwave safe cup filled up half way and I microwave it for about 2 minutes or until the water is very hot and boiling. Once I remove the tea from the microwave, I drop in a tea bag. I let it steep for about 10 minutes and then I add a tiny amount of sugar or half teaspoon of honey. You don't have to add sweetener if you don't want too. You can also mix this tea with another drink like juice if you don't like the flavor. Trust me the smell is way worse than the flavor.

Front of the box

What each tea bag looks like

Now the results I got: I first started drinking this tea as the directions say, 1-3 cups daily. I did this for about week and I noticed that my milk supply was boosted a little bit while pumping. There is not a way for me to tell what my actual supply is when I nurse my son. I can only use my supply from my breast pump as an indicator of what I think I'm producing. I have noticed a difference in my supply while drinking this tea. Like I stated before I never had an abundance of milk but this tea has helped me. I really would like to be a cow with tons of milk, haha. I don't like having to rely on baby formula to feed my baby. This tea doesn't give me tons of milk where I need to freeze the extra milk to avoid spoiling but I'm happy with my results. I went from pumping 4 ounces to 5 1/2 and sometimes almost 6 ounces. I'd say thats a nice difference. I would definitely recommend this tea to those of you looking for a little boost. The products sold for increasing milk supply aren't guaranteed to work but it's worth a try.  Along with drinking this tea, I also take 3 pills of Fenugreek seed pills with every meal I eat during the day. I also get those pills at WholeFoods. A review on those will be up sometime soon. So my results may be from mixing the tea with the supplements but either way, this tea has fenugreek seed in it. I hope that you all find this review helpful. Please feel free to leave your questions and comments below or you can tweet them to me :) Don't forget to visit and subscribe to my beauty channel for makeup tutorials, monthly makeup favorites, shopping hauls and product reviews.

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