Saturday, June 1, 2013

New office/Makeup Room Sneak Peek!

Hello makeup lovers!

As most of you know well at least the ones who continuously watch my beauty videos, I have moved back home. It's good being back in Texas, it's been a while since I've been on my old stomping grounds! It feels a bit like the old days but different at the same time. So today I wanted to share with you guys a little sneak peek at my new office/makeup room setup. I recently took a trip to Ikea, loving that place by the way! There is sooo much to see and choose from. I find that Ikea has lots to offer at really get affordable prices. I have been wanted to do a makeup room redo for a while but never found the right furniture nor the right price to remodel. Let's face it redoing or remodeling a room can bee a bit pricey. I wanted to have furniture that I could have for a long time and items that I could expand with too. As you all probably already know, I am a huge makeup addict, naturally my collection expands very frequently. A little retail therapy never hurts, right? So I wanted my room to look great with a great price tag...hence why I ventured onto Ikea's website.

I have been doing my research online for good and sturdy storage drawer systems that can hold all of my makeup for a while. So if you have ever gone onto Ikea's website, you know how easy it is to find exactly what you're looking for. I came across the "Alex" drawer systems on their website while searching for drawer units. I have a few of those drawer systems in my room now and will be purchasing more in the near future as my collection grows. I purchased one of the largest drawer units in the "Alex" collection containing 9 drawers. I also custom made my makeup desk according to what I wanted. Another great reason why Ikea was the one :) You can make any desk you'd like that fits your needs and space perfectly. They give you many different options for desk legs and table tops. The possibilities are endless! I have chosen to use 2 small "Alex" drawer units containing 5 drawers as my desk legs/holder for my table top. I chose the "Glasholm" glass table top in egg patten. The great thing about these "Alex" drawers is that they are finished on the back side so you can literally place them anywhere in a room. Which was a major selling point for me on these drawer units. Sometimes I like changing my room furniture around to freshen up the look and its nice having furniture that is finished on the back side.

Below are sneak peek pictures of my office/makeup room redo! Plus a little shot of my Prada as she headed towards the window :) A video will be up soon on my beauty channel showing you guys the finished room. I plan on taking my time completing this room to make sure its perfect! Please stop by my makeup channel on YouTube if you would like to see makeup tutorials, product reviews and shopping haul videos!

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope that you enjoy my makeup/beauty related videos :)

front side of desk
"Alex" 5 drawer units

back side of desk

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