Friday, June 7, 2013

New! Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Color Review & Experience

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Today I wanted to take the time to review and share my experience with the new Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Color. Below are pictures of the product and before and afters of my hair. I would like to start off by saying that I am not a professional hair stylist nor a color specialist. I can only speak from my years of experience with at home box hair color. Also, I am not sponsored by this brand at all. This review is completely honest :)

I have been coloring my own hair with at home box hair color since high basically a looong time, lol. I mostly only use box hair color from Garnier which can be purchased anywhere. I have ventured to other brands within the last year but I find myself coming back to Garnier.  I have used so many of Garniers tradition box hair colors and recently to their new foam hair colors. I actually really enjoy using foam hair color instead of the traditional coloring creams. So naturally when I saw this new product from Garnier, I knew I needed to try it. I haven't colored my hair in almost 5 months so I was very excited to find something new to try and to spice up my current hair color.

So here's the lowdown:

Garnier's new at home box hair color called Olia is a new product that has recently been added to the hair coloring shelves of most drugstores and grocery stores. This new system of coloring is as the company calls it "oil powered permanent color, using a 60% oil blend of natural flower oils". I have never heard of using natural flower oils to permanently color someone's hair before so I was intrigued.

Firstly, this product comes with the standard items that every box colors come with...mixing container/applicator bottle, developer, color tube, after coloring conditioner, directions and a pair of gloves. As far as the mixing container, which has a unique shape (see picture below) works nicely to deposit the mixture onto your hair. I find that when you start massaging the color onto your hair, you get the mixture onto the gloves which in turn gets on the outside of the mixing container/applicator bottle. As this process happens, the container gets pretty slippery causing a mess on my counter. I kept dropping the bottle which is no bueno. Luckily the hair color didn't leave stains on my bathroom counter. Having this issue caused me to take longer to apply the product completely over my hair. By the way, I used 2 boxes for my hair which is medium shoulder length.

The mixture itself feels much like other ones I've used in the past. It has a creamy feel almost like conditioner. This product was left on my hair for 30 minutes to get the results I have. The after coloring conditioner is much like standard conditioners in these kits. It's not as good smelling as the conditioners that come in Garnier's other box colors. So basically, the color result I got isn't too much of a drastic change. I thought that the color I chose which is a light intense auburn would be more of a noticeable change. My roots are extremely bright red and my scalp is somewhat stained. The staining effects of the color will fade with my normal shampooing process so I'm not worried about it. If you chose this red color make sure to wash your hair line quickly to avoid staining your skin.

Overall, I don't find that this natural flower oil ingredients are anything special. I have the same results that I have gotten with other kits. I do love that this product is ammonia free which means there's no harsh chemical smell. I really enjoy the results but I'm looking to go just a bit brighter with the red hopefully soon. This at home box hair color kit is a little bit more pricey than your standard kits. Now if you choose a foam box kit then you will be paying a bit more. I got this product at my local HEB for a little less than $9 a box. Not bad! I also like how my hair looks shiny after coloring, conditioning and drying. My hair doesn't feel damaged which may be of concern for some of you when deciding whether or not to color your own hair. I can honestly say that I get the same results at home as I've gotten in professional hair salons :) Plus I like saving the extra money too :) So I hope that this review is helpful to you all. Please leave your questions and comments below.
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Front of box

Side of box

My "before" picture

My "after" picture

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