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Ipsy June Glam Bag "Pretty in Paradise"

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Today I'm doing a quick post on my recent Ipsy Glam bag for the month of June. From time to time on this blog I share what my monthly goodies are from Ipsy. If you aren't familiar with Ipsy, it's a monthly beauty subscription service that mails you 5 beauty items in various sizes. You can receive full sized items as well as deluxe sized samples. Each of the items go with the monthly theme chosen by Ipsy and also correlates to your answers from the beauty questionnaire you take before signing up.

The beauty questionnaire helps Ipsy choose products that go by skin type, skin tone, hair color, etc. to include in your monthly bag. I honestly can say, each item I've ever received that is suppose to match the color of my skin has been right. The items within your monthly bag can vary between cosmetics, skincare and fragrance. This all gets delivered right to your door for only $10 per month including shipping.

This is a great monthly subscription services that I've had for over a year. There have been only a handful of items that I've gotten throughout the year that I didn't like....this says a lot about Ipsy and the products they ship out.

Now on to what I received:::

Pretty in Paradise
June 2014

First off, the bag is super cute and very summery. I love reusing these little pouches as makeup bags to put inside my handbags. From the 5 items, 3 of them are full sized which is awesome. One of the things I like about Ipsy is that I get exposed to new cosmetic brands that I've never heard of or tried. 

In this bag, I got a full size NYX butter gloss in the shade "creme brûlée" which is a very pale pinky nude. I'm most excited for this item because I absolutely adore NYX's butter glosses. They are very pigmented, creamy and not sticky. Next is a full sized eyebrow pencil from the brand OFRA, which I've never heard of. The shade is in "universal" which turns out to be a taupe color. Works well with my very dark eyebrow hairs. 

I received a full sized mascara from the brand be a bombshell...again a newer brand but it seems like they include something from this brand often. I'm not a fan of this brand in general and this mascara has a very weird smell. So honestly, I won't be using it. Next is a travel size Marc Anthony beach spray which I look forward to using. I'm almost out of my current texturizing spray so this came at the perfect time. I haven't tried this yet but it smells divine, like my favorite summer beverage...a piña colada! 

Finally, the fragrance sample from RealTree for Her. I don't particularly care for fragrance samples but honestly I haven't received many through this past year which I'm thankful. This fragrance smells like vanilla mixed with a hint of musk and a bit florally. I would say this scent has some warmth to it which I would recommend for nighttime or the fall season. I know this may not sound too good but the scent is ok. Not my favorite scent that I've tried but it's not terrible. I wish Ipsy wouldn't include fragrance samples because for me, I could go to Sephora and get a sample of any perfume for free. Whereas, here I'm paying for a sample in which many places would give for free anyways. 

So that's my verdict on this month's Ipsy Glam Bag. Overall, I'm only thrilled about 3 items, the beach spray, the gloss and eyebrow pencil. I guess that's better than not liking any of the items. I hope July's glam bag is a bit more fun. 

I hope this post helped you if you were contemplating whether or not Ipsy is worth it. I'll do another post like this sometime within the next few months. Do you receive Ipsy glam bags every month? If so, what did you get? If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below or send them to me via social media.

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