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LORAC Mega PRO Palette Review + Swatches

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Today is a very exciting post for me because I'm finally sharing my initial thoughts of LORAC's Mega Pro palette that recently launched. This has been the most anticipated palette in a while from what I could tell from Social Media (Twitter & Instagram). LORAC has been teasing us since August about the release of this wonderful palette and it's finally here!!!!! When I first saw the photos on Instagram, my heart skipped a beat! I'm a huge LORAC fan and a definite eyeshadow palette freak so this purchase was an easy one. 

I'm so pumped to film makeup tutorials using this palette. I have done several fall inspired makeup looks already and you will definitely see more using the Mega Pro palette. The LORAC website is currently sold out and they're not restocking unfortunately. Amazon is the only other place that sells it and they should be (if not already sold out) receiving another shipment. Keep checking Amazon to see if they'll have it available. 
Let's get into the photos, review and swatches :) 

cardboard packaging like the other
two Pro palettes previously released.

The thickness and width of the Mega Pro is the same as the original Pro and the Pro 2 palette. The only difference is that the Mega Pro which contains 32 eyeshadows is longer in size.

Such a beautiful selection of colors!!
First two rows are all matte
Last two rows are shimmers & metallics

I'm loving the shade arrangement in this palette. It offers multiple options for highlight shades, to several mid tones to a few deep tones for crease work. I find this is a well rounded palette that is the perfect additional to anyone's makeup collection.

*Mega Pro contains 4 repeat shades from the original Pro palette (Cream, White, Espresso & Black).

Another look inside the palette.
Great size mirror!

I know the exterior color isn't a big deal but I think it's a beautiful fall color :) I have no complaints about packaging. 

Swatch Time!!

Upper Left Side
Upper Left Side

Upper Right Side
Upper Right Side

Lower Left Side
Lower Left Side

Lower Right Side
Lower Right Side

Overall, I'm impressed with this palette and the colors. I find some swatch better than others but it's not a big deal. I do believe for the price ($59), you get an amazing value; a total of 32 eyeshadows. I actually expected this palette to cost a whole lot more. LORAC in my opinion makes really good eyeshadows. I have never complained about the other two Pro palettes and I truly believe they're all worth the investment. 

I hope this quick review with swatches and photos was helpful. Please leave me any feedback you have, I'd love to hear from you. 

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