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How to Foiled: Eyeshadows & Pigments

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Today I'm taking a break from reviewing makeup products and doing a post on how to foil eyeshadows and pigments. If you haven't try foiling, then you definitely should at some point. To me, foiling is the easiest way to transform one eyeshadow or pigment into a better, more intense form of itself.

While playing around with several eyeshadows and pigments from various brands, I realized how a foiled shadow can look totally different then what is displayed in the pan or jar. Often times, we look at an eyeshadow, swatch it and think "ok, this might actually be good", but rarely do we stop and think what it'll look like foiled.

This posted is centered on the beauty of foiling and creating intense versions of our favorite eyeshadows and pigments. But first, you'll need a few things to get started.....a synthetic eyeshadow brush that has densely pack bristles to allow for better application. The next item needed is a simple bottle of eye drops. Yes! eye drops is the magic ingredient. I got mine from Target for about $1.14 :) Then of course, some of your favorite eyeshadows and/or pigments.

Eye drops are Target's Up & Up brand
Eyeshadow brush is by Coastal Scents
*When foiling, all you need to do is load up your eyeshadow brush with an eyeshadow or a pigment and then apply one small drop of the eye drop solution to the brush. Doing it this way is better versus adding the drops directly into the eyeshadow pan or pigment bottle. You don't want to ruin your eyeshadow by adding liquids to them. 

**Tip: when foiling any eyeshadow or pigment, make sure your brush isn't trenched with eye drops. It only takes one drop of the solution for this to work. Any more then one drop, you'll start getting more of a liquidity texture, some what like liquid liner consistency.

Here are some of the brands used for this experiment:

I tried to use a variety of brands like MakeupGeek, MAC, Morphe, and LORAC.  I found these brands worked great at foiling :) 

MakeupGeek Razzleberry Eyeshadow
MakeupGeek 'Razzleberry' eyeshadow was definitely a complete transformation. Razzleberry eyeshadow is a beautiful raspberry red with gold glitter. As you can see, there's a huge difference between applying it with your fingers and foiling with a dampened brush. Foiling this eyeshadow created an intense version which I find is even more beautiful. I was shocked by this one :) 

Morphe Brushes
35B Color Glam palette
This turquoise eyeshadow is from Morphe Brushes 35B Color Glam palette. This brand has some awesome palettes and individual eyeshadows that have a great amount of pigmentation to them. The foiled version of the color is way better. 

MAC Tan pigment
This MAC Tan pigment is stunning on its own and there isn't too much of a difference between the two swatches. I can see something slightly more intense but MAC pigments are very intense already. Foiling this Tan pigment made it more metallic looking...gorgeous!

MakeupGeek 'Vegas Lights' pigment

MakeupGeek 'Vegas Lights' pigment is so incredibly beautiful. It's one of my favorite pigments by this brand. It's a stunning coppery shade that is perfect for fall and winter. This one definitely had a difference when foiled. The foiled version is much more vibrant and intense, like a true metal finish. 

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania 'Jade Pearl"

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania 'Jade Pearl' is really good. It's more of a summery spring green shade but you can see such a difference here. These Ultra Pearl Mania pigments are only $3 but foiling can make them look more expensive.

MakeupGeek 'Liquid Gold' pigment
MakeupGeek 'Liquid Gold' pigment is very intense on its own but foiled...holy cow! It has a liquid metal look when foiled....out of this world good! This is the very reason why I'll be foiling my eyeshadow more often. 

Urban Decay 'Reign' from Vice 3 palette
Urban Decay 'Reign' eyeshadow is a perfect brown with a hint of taupe. The foiled version is a bit more intense and it's definitely smoother looking. 

LORAC 'Navy' Pro 2 palette

LORAC 'Navy' from Pro 2 palette is such an awesome shade of blue in a matte finish. I really love wearing this shade and it has a great payoff when applied dry. Obviously, when foiled, this looks so much better. It's much more vibrant and packs a punch when foiled. 

**This same technique can be done for creating your own liquid eyeliner. Just use a few more drops of your eye drop solution and swap out the eyeshadow brush for an eyeliner brush. ViolĂ ! Homemade eyeliner :) :) 

I hope this post on foiled eyeshadows and pigments inspires you to start foiling your eyeshadows. Have you tried this technique? If so, which brands do you find work best?

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