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Nails Inc. Be Gelous Collection

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So if you've watched any of my videos, you probably already know how deep my love for nail polish goes. I absolutely love painting my nails on a regular basis week after week. Honestly, doing my nails is my "mommy time" whenever I chose to do my manicures. I truly look forward to my next manicure especially now that I've discovered some incredible nail polishes.

This set I'm reviewing today is by Nails Inc. and it's called Be Gelous Collection. I purchased mine weeks ago from Sephora and it retails for $42. If you would like to order this set or anything else from Nails Inc., then click here. I am new to the Nails Inc. brand so I like exploring new brands through sets. This way I can try a little of everything a brand has to offer. This set in particular is the "Gel Effect" formula which claims to give you a high shine, long wearing, gel like professional finish as you'd come to expect from the typical salon gel manicures. Essentially, Nails Inc.'s claim is to give a salon gel manicure in a bottle. Pretty interesting, right? I think so :)

I do believe Nails Inc.'s claim to provide a high shine, long wearing, professional formula to be true. This polish formulation is freakin' awesome!! I have been looking for nail polishes that can provide longevity with a super high gloss finish. Every brand I've tried until now, falls short to my expectations. I highly recommend this brands' gel effect formula!

Let's take a look at the colors in this set:
(my apologies for not saving the packaging)

5 nail polishes and 1 glitter
each  0.27 oz.
L to R:
The Boltons, Grosvenor Crescent, Old Bond Street,
Uptown, New Oxford Street, Piccadilly Place

The Boltons: the most gorgeous metallic red (so perfect for the holidays)

Grosvenor Crescent: a deep midnight purple (online it's described as an aubergine) 

Old Bond Street: a violet shade that pulls just a touch of blue (described online as a glossy violet)

Uptown: a soft blush pink-y mauve (described online as a winter pink)

New Oxford Street: a dark purple-y mauve (described online as a chic mauve)

Piccadilly Place: a beautiful glitter with silver, white and multicolored glitter specks

I love all of the shade options within this set. To me, these colors scream fall and winter time. Although, they may appear to be perfect for this season, you can wear these colors any time you'd like. The best part of these besides the color range, is the super glossy finish without a top coat. The formula also lasts a good 6-7 days without chipping with the Nails Inc. 45 second top coat. 
*I haven't worn these shades with a different brand topcoat.

Here are the nail swatches of each color:

without top coat

Each of the colors applies very evenly without streaks but the darker colors I find need two coats. If you were to apply one generous coat, you could probably skip the second coat. As you can see, these Gel Effect polishes don't even need a top coat, which is so awesome!

Some screenshots of photos I posted on Instagram after doing my manicure with Nails Inc. Gel Effect

The Boltons & Crushed Diamonds
by Nails Inc.
Grosvenor Crescent
without top coat

Overall, I'm super impressed with the formula. I would recommend this set because it's an affordable way to try several of the colors within this formulation by Nails Inc. Within the next few weeks I plan on reviewing another Nails Inc. Gel Effect set that I got during the most recently Sephora VIB Sale. Have you tried Nails Inc. polishes? 

I hope this review was helpful :) Feel free to leave me some feedback on here!

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