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Urban Decay Vice 3 palette Review + Swatches

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Today I'm finally sharing my thoughts along with pictures and swatches of Urban Decay's Vice 3 palette. I recently picked up this palette because a subscriber has asked for my thoughts on this palette compared to another major palette that was released weeks ago. I'll start filming that video sometime this week. Honestly, when this palette came out months ago, I didn't feel like I needed it. I wasn't even thrilled about its release like other Urban Decay fans were. I am a huge UD fan but lately their palettes have been somewhat the same or playing out a specific theme i.e. the infamous Naked stuff.

I guess I was somewhat tired of hearing about additional installments of preexisting palettes. This Vice 3 eyeshadow palette is the third installment to the Vice palettes. The perfect example of releasing similar things. I bought the original Vice palette when it came out sometime on 2012 and completely skipped Vice 2 from last year. Again, didn't feel the need to own Vice 2.

This Vice 3 palette is set up the same as the previous two, containing 20 eyeshadows; 6 matte finishes & 14 shimmers/metallics. Each eyeshadow is a great size within the palette so no worries of running out too quickly. The mirror is also great quality, which is a bonus. The Vice 3 palette retails for $60 on several websites (links are at the end of this post).

Let's get into this palette:::

Palette comes with its own travel pouch &
a double ended eyeshadow brush
I like how Urban Decay included the matching travel pouch which will be handy if you choose to take this with you on your travels. It can also double up as an everyday makeup bag.

Inside Look
Again, great sized mirror. Good quality too!

Exterior packaging
Exterior packaging is all plastic, a bit cheap looking. I don't mind the stripes of color with the Vice logo done with bright neon green plastic rhinestones. The logo is similar with the other two vice palettes. I like the brightness of the packaging, it's fun.

Inside colors

I've taken the photos in small groups for better viewing. I also tried to zoom in so that you can see the finishes and textures of each eyeshadow. I am a fan of the color selection of this Vice 3 palette :)

Upper left corner
Upper right corner
Lower left corner
Lower right corner

Swatches of each color......
L to R
DTF, Downfall, Undone & Truth
(1st column on left side)
This column has all the basic neutral shades needed to accompany the brighter colors. I like how all of these are matte finishes.

L to R
Brokedown, Heroine, Freeze, Dragon
(2nd column on left size)
This column has some fun shades like Dragon and Freeze. I like how Heroine is a dark matte navy, which has an awesome payoff. I love bronze-y tones like Brokedown especially during this time of year.

L to R
Bobby dazzle, Regin, Lucky, Vanity
(middle column)
*All colors in this row are awesome with great pigmentation except for Bobby dazzle. This shade is a shimmery white with silver sparkle and it's not very pigmented compared to the others.

L to R
Sonic, Bondage, Alchemy, Alien
(2nd column from the right side)
I love this column for all the dark reddish tones. I've been loving these types of shades lately :) All of these are shimmery finishes.

L to R
Revolver, Deft, Angel, Last Sin
(last column on right side)
Last column has good basic smokey colors. Only one matte finish (Defy) in this column.

As I look at this palette, I can see how each column from top to bottom, is set up to give a complete look. Of course, you can mix shades to created different eyeshadow looks. Overall, each color has a good amount of pigmentation and payoff with the exception of one color (bobby dazzle).

I think Urban Decay did a good job with this palette. I can see many people loving it because of the shade ranges offered. This palette is available on the following websites: UltaSephoraUrban Decay. I can definitely see myself reaching for this palette often. I hope this review was helpful if you were curious about it or debating whether or not to buy it.

Here's a look I did using this palette (tutorial coming soon on my youtube channel):
I love this color combo :)

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