Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Make Up For Ever Artist Palettes (Summer 2015) Review & Swatches

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I am so very excited to share my thoughts and photos on the brand new Make Up For Ever Artist eyeshadow palettes. These two palettes are part of the new MUFE Summer 2015 collection and can be purchased through Sephora. Each palette is $42 and contains 9 eyeshadows each 0.06 oz.....which is almost the same amount (0.07 oz.) as the full size shadows that run $21 a piece. I mean...this is an insanely good value! Artist 1 palette contains nine beautiful neutrals while Artist 2 palette has nine colorful/brighter shades.

I've wanted to try the new MUFE Artist eyeshadows for quite sometime but when I see the $21 price tag for each....I get very hesitant. So when I spotted these during the Sephora VIB/VIB Rouge 15% off sale last week, I knew I had to snag them and QUICK! If you've been wanting to try out MUFE, I'd say grab these while you can  now and thank me later.

I can sum up my initial reaction with two words.....Blown Away! I quickly realized how amazingly creamy, pigmented and intense these are. Two Thumbs Up!!

Here are the photos :) Enjoy!

$42 each 
I love design! The exterior packaging is the standard cardboard but very well made. The mirror is also a great size if you were to take this on travels. 

I really like the sleek look of these palettes as well!

Artist Shadows 1~

Shadow numbers & finishes
Artist 1 palette

Artist Shadow 1 

Artist 1 palette is full of great neutrals that I feel everyone should own. Neutrals are so invaluable in my collection and these will definitely be used often. Great color selection and pigmentation on these. A must have in my opinion!

Artist 2 Shadows~

Shadow numbers and finishes.
Artist 2

Artist 2 swatches

Artist 2 palette is much more vivid in color which is awesome for Spring and Summer. I am blown away by the pigmentation and creaminess of these eyeshadows. I am now realizing what I have been missing out on all this time. I would recommend this palette to any eyeshadow lover or to anyone needing colorful shadows. I really love this one.

Here's a side by side comparison of both palettes :)

(Left) Artist 1
(Right) Artist 2

Overall, I am very impressed and happy I got these! Honestly, if you needed eyeshadows, these two palettes is all that you would need with the except of a few mid tone neutral matte shadows. I hope this review was helpful. *Subscribe to my YouTube beauty channel (click here) to see these and many more palettes in action!

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