Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hello Bloggers.....

I just wanted to give you all an update of what's going on with me these days. Yesterday I finally received my coastal scents package that I've been waiting for. I ordered 3 palettes and 10 brushes from them. I plan on doing a review on everything I ordered. I will also do reviews and videos on some goodies that I recently bought along with my coastal scents items. I'm very pleased with my coastal scents purchase. I think you all will like any item you purchase from coastal scents. They're awesome!! I also bought some goodies from Ulta yesterday that I will review on as well. Today I finally bought my camera to do my youtube videos. I plan on starting with that soon. I know I said I'll have my channel ready for viewing in a months time. Well I think it'll be sooner than a month. I have my channel all set up, now all I need is to post my videos. Please be patient with me on this because I've been trying to figure out how to work my new camera. I hope that the information I posted a couple days ago on MAC and Too Faced collections have been useful to you all. I'm super excited to try some new products from both collections. Well I think I'm done with this post for now. I'll try to keep updating you all as much as I can. If any of you have questions, please ask them . If you would like to leave comments, feel free to comment on my blog! Thanks.

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