Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ulta Goodies

Hello everyone,

I know it's been a couple days that I haven't posted anything on my blog so I figured that I could talk to you all about some ulta goodies that I got recently. The other day, I bought a tweezerman eyelash curler, two NYX lip glosses, coconut lime body butter and covergirl lash blast mascara in very black. I've been using the eyelash curler for a few days and I think it's the best curler I've purchased so far. I said I think and I might change my mind after using it more. I'm weird that way..I guess I get tired of things easily. So I'll keep you all posted on the eyelash curler. As far as the NYX lip glosses go, I actually really like them. I like how it's a combination of a gloss and a lipstick. It's shiny like lip glosses but it also has color like lipsticks do. I got the beige (pinkish) and natural (nude) colors. I'll be using them more in my upcoming youtube videos. Now for the covergirl lash blast mascara....I've been using the covergirl lash blast luxe mascara for about a week. The difference is that the luxe one has shimmer. I bought it a while ago, I wanna say 2 or 3 months ago. I really like it. It doesn't clump after applying several I figure that the regular lash blast would be the same so I bought another one. The coconut body butter is really nice as well. I use the coconut body items from the bodyshop and since I ran out of my body butter from the bodyshop, I really needed another and fast! If you all ever get a chance to try the coconut items from the bodyshop, ya'll will see how great this stuff is. I get the coconut bodybutter, coconut body scrub, coconut shower cream, coconut lip balm and anything else in coconut. If you can't already tell I love anything with coconut. So today I also got just a few more ulta goodies. They're having a good sale right now so I couldn't help myself. I bought 2 ulta professional nail polishes in crystal ball and silver lining. These colors are so pretty. I'll wear them in my youtube videos soon. For those of you that didn't already know, ulta did come out with a professional line of nail polishes along with the already existing ulta brand of makeup and nail polishes. I haven't tried any ulta pro nail polishes yet so I can't really say if they're good or not. Well this post is getting really long so I'll keep you all updated soon. Thanks for reading my blog!

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