Monday, May 6, 2013

Magazine Project

Hello everyone & Happy Monday!!

So today I decided that I was going to share my little project with you guys. As some of you know I am currently packing and getting ready for a move in a few weeks. I have been going through some of the things I own and deciding whether to keep or donate. One of the things I came across is my huge stash of old beauty magazines! As I have mentioned before I have been saving old magazine for a looong time...why? Who needs magazine from *cough* 2009 *cough*! Well I do know for sure is that I wanted them for inspiration for future videos and that's' about it, hahaha! The funny thing is that I have not even read an old magazine in about a year or probably longer, so basically I'm becoming a magazine hoarder...yikes!

Don't we all at some point hold onto things thinking we'll use it in the future? Well, for me this hoarding thing is getting a bit out of control and I know that taking tons of magazines back to Texas is not a good idea. So instead of throwing them away because lets face it, I did spend money on those mags, I have decided to start a lil project!

My project consists of taking large amounts of time to go through each and every magazine and cutting out the pages I want.......wish me luck :(  I plan on putting these torn pages into some sort of organizer, maybe a binder? It definitely won't take up a lot of my storage space any longer. At one point I wanted to use those pages to decorate my makeup studio in Texas but I'm not sure if that's still a go. I figured that I could condense my stash to one binder. So if any of you guys are holding onto old magazines like me, you can start a project to get rid of the unnecessary. The bonus is that you will now have a new area of open storage that isn't taken up by piles of magazines :) Isn't it spring cleaning time anyway??

I hope this blog post makes sense and maybe in a future video I can show you guys my progress. I hope 2 weeks is enough time to finish this while still packing my entire house, lol. If you would like to see any of my beauty videos, click on the link below :)

Thanks for stopping by....

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