Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hr Cream Eyeshadows Swatches and Review

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Is everyone excited for the weekend? It's almost Friday....yeah!!! Well I hope whatever your plans are for this weekend that you enjoy it :) My plans......umm they consist of more packing and moving furniture to storage :/ yeah I know it's exciting, right??

Today I've tried 3 times to upload a new video onto YouTube but of course nothing today is working for me. Complete Fail! I wanted to upload my video on my Ipsy May 2013 glam bag which came in the mail this past Tuesday and a lil drugstore haul on my most recent Maybelline purchases. I'll try again tomorrow to upload but in the meantime, this post will have to do.

So I recently was at Walmart shopping for travel sized toiletry and found myself drifting to the makeup aisle....of course! Like I could stay away, haha. I found these new Color Tattoo 24 hr cream eyeshadows. I have several of these babies and I love them. I've shown a few in previous monthly beauty favorites. These cream eyeshadows are so different from any that I have tried in the past. My eyelids are very oily so cream shadows in pots or sticks forms are a complete no no for me. It doesn't matter if I use a really good eyeshadow primer, by the end of the day it's all creased up looking pretty awful. These cream eyeshadows actually last a long time with or without a primer for me. Maybelline came out with these cool cream shadows sometime last year and seems to be a major hit amongst fellow makeup bloggers/gurus and makeup lovers. I'm excited to continue using these and I look forward to purchasing new ones.

I have 3 new shades to share with you guys today. Two of the cream shadows are limited edition so if you really likey then head to your local walmart or drugstore. I think I picked some really good ones :) I hope you enjoy the pictures and some swatchy goodness below. Don't forget to check out my beauty channel for beauty and makeup videos!

"Inked in Pink" 

"Inked in Pink" I think this is such a beautiful everyday kinda shade.

"Waves of White" *Limited Edition Shade*

"Waves of White" This is very unique shade.
It has the most beautiful blue & lilac duo chrome.

"Blue Paradise" *Limited Edition Shade*

"Blue Paradise" I love this color, unique as well.
It has a blue, green & purple duo chrome. It has a really nice metallic finish.

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