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Makeup Geek Vegas Lights Collection

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Today I'm excited as usual to share with you my thoughts, photos and swatches of the ever so popular Makeup Geek Vegas Lights Collection. This collection recently launched and contains 5 pigments and a 6 eyeshadow palette. The pigment bundle has 5 full sized pigments and retails for $33.99 on the Makeup Geek website. If you were to order individual pigments from Makeup Geek, you'd spend $6.99 on each one. I ordered these individually (before collection was available to the general public) instead of choosing the pigment bundle and I only saved a dollar versus going with the bundle package.

The 6 eyeshadow palette retails for $37.99 or if you wanted to get everything in the Vegas Lights Collection, $69.99 would be your cost. If you would like to order anything from this collection click here  --->(this not an affiliate link, just for easier access).

In this post I'm talking about the pigments I ordered from the Vegas Lights collection. In case you're wondering, I didn't order the palette because I wasn't thrilled with the color selection. The palette is very warm in tone and I would have preferred a different variety of colors. I also feel the price of the palette ($37.99) is somewhat steep for what it is....just my opinion. Below are photos and a quick review of the Vegas Lights pigments and an extra pigment I ordered that's not part of the collection.

First up is packaging....the boxes are super cute. The actual pigment jars are 1.4g each which is a great amount of product. One thing I don't like is the mess these pigments make. There aren't any sifters (sold separately) to prevent the over flow of pigment product onto the table/makeup desk.

A look inside the jars....beautiful colors :) I do like the colors chosen for this collection.
*the lightest pigment isn't part of the collection.

(L to R) top to bottom:
Liquid Gold, Nightlife, Vegas Lights
Jackpot, Sweet Dreams, Poker Face

 Swatches....... :) I'm loving the creaminess of these pigments! The color payoff is awesome except for Jackpot which is the soft yellow gold. I find this color isn't too pigmented when used dry but the color is pretty. These swatches are dry without primer so you can see how crazy good these are.

This last pigment was one that I've been wanting to try for a while so I figured I'd just add it to my order. Sweet Dreams is a beautiful soft creamy beige with a peachy tone and a gold shimmer. This color is perfect for every day because it's not too metallic looking and the shimmer is very subtle. I've worn this one several times all over the lid with some black liquid liner and it's slowing becoming a go-to look for me. I'm in love with this one!!

*Not part of Vegas Lights

I hope the photos, swatches and my thoughts were helpful if you are interested in this collection. I do find that the pigments are very pigmented, creamy, and opaque even when used dry and also have a high end feel to them. I would recommend that you try these or any of the other pigment colors offered by Makeup Geek.

My only gripe is that the price is somewhat steep for what you are getting. This Makeup Geek's first collection/palette launch and I would have liked a more discounted price. Each eyeshadow in this new palette are the same size as her regular eyeshadows which cost $5.99 for each pan. So if you were to order 6 eyeshadows individually, you'd pay $35.94 not including shipping and the new palette is $37.99 so you're actually paying more for having them place into a palette. In my mind, when you buy a palette from a company it comes out cheaper per each eyeshadow inside the palette versus ordering individual eyeshadows.

Another noteworthy mention about pricing, the pigment bundle is $33.99 for 5 pigments but if you were to choose 5 colors (not bundled together) you'd spend $34.95 which is only a $0.96 difference for going the bundled route. Again, I believe bundles/palettes should provide customers more savings. *these are my opinions and if I'm being honest..I must mention this.

I have been a huge Makeup Geek fan for many years and I'm loving her makeup products. I'm not knocking the products nor the brand in this review. I'm disclosing all information that I believe is necessary to share. A video about these pigments along with many other beauty related videos have been post onto my YouTube channel, click here to watch :)

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