Sunday, February 28, 2010

Makeup tip #1

Hello everyone!

I am thinking about starting a "makeup tips" series. I would like to know if this is something you all would benefit from. You can leave your feedback as a comment to my most recent video, or follow my blog or through email. There are several series I would like to do so please do let me know what you all would enjoy. I hope this makeup tip is helpful. Feel free to video response your makeup look using these tips to my most recent video. Thanks for subscribing and watching my videos :)


Want to wear bright funky eyeshadows? Well here's how you can pull this off day or night....
First, decide whether you want the bright color on your lids or on your lower lash line.
If you choose the lids...this tip is for you, apply the bright eyeshadow on your lids only! Then add a neutral shade in the crease. Neutral shades can be matte brown in various shade ranges, or even a dark matte grey/black. Don't use shimmery colors in the crease since you already have a lot going on and you want the bright color to be the focus.

If you choose under the eye area...this tip is for you, start with a neutral eye look. You don't want too much going on which causes distractions. There won't be a focal point in your look. Then take a pencil brush and apply your chosen bright eyeshadow below the lash line. If you have a bright colored eyeliner that will work too! You can also use brown mascara on your lower lashes so that the eyeshadow stands out.

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