Monday, March 8, 2010

Makeup Tip #2

Hey everyone. I hope that these makeup tips are helpful. If you all have any requests for tutorials, product reviews or simply general questions please feel free to email me. Thanks for watching my videos and subscribing to my channel. Now here is the second installment of my tips series. Enjoy!! Here's the link to my youtube channel.

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Tip #2

Whether you are starting your makeup collection or expanding on the one you have, you always need some type of foundation/base. If your skin in clear of any type of break outs simply use a good quality concealer to conceal any scars, redness or dark circles you may have. Once this step is done then follow with a tinted mositurizer. Why use foundation if you don't really need coverage? Lucky you! After the tinted mositurizer, apply your favorite blush and you're done! Now if you do need foundation for whatever reason, again invest the money in a really great quality concealer so therefore you can use perhaps a drugstore brand foundation. In the past few years drugstore foundations have come a long way so it's not a bad idea.
**One helpful foundation tip......if you are looking for foundation in your brand of choice, look to see if that brand offers foundations for certain skin types. Go with the one according to your skin (Normal, Oily, Combination, or Dry) these will work the best and last the longest.

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