Monday, March 15, 2010

Makeup tip #3

Hey everyone! It's time for my makeup tip for this week. Do you wish that your lipstick would last longer throughout the day? Of course there are lip stains out there in the market but some of them don't last the 8 hours it claims and some brands don't offer a wide range of colors. Follow these easy steps to achieve longer lasting lipcolor....

The first thing you should always do is moisturizer your lips. I like to use lip butters or even healing lip balms at night. I keep one in my bathroom and my nightstand. Dry lips don't mix well with lipstick regardless of the cost. Since lips are the last step in completing any look, apply your choice of moisturizing lip balm first so by the end of applying your makeup, your lips will be all ready to go. Once the lip balm soaks into your lips, then start lining your lips with a lipliner that matches the lipstick. After lining your lips, start filling them in with the lipliner. This will ensure that your lipliner in locked onto your lips. Then apply your choice of lipstick. If you want you can also apply a clear gloss over it. And you're finished!

Enjoy these easy steps to make your lipstick last a little bit longer than usual.

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