Monday, March 22, 2010

Makeup Tip #4

Hello everyone! It's time for this weeks makeup tip. I hope you all find these tips helpful. If you have any questions or video requests, please feel free to let me know. There are several ways to get in contact with me. You can simply leave a comment on my most recent video uploaded so that I will easily see it. You can also email me at Or you can simply leave a comment on this post if you'd like. Now on to the makeup tip.....

Have you ever tried to use your foundation brush that seems to be scratchy on your skin or that doesn't seem to spread the foundation effortlessly? Here's a tip to help solve that problem. Apply a little bit of facial moisturizer to the back of your hand, then swipe your foundation brush back and forth as if you were apply foundation to the back of your hand. This important step before using your foundation brush, will allow the foundation to glide on smoothly without the bristles feeling scratchy.

This step takes seconds but makes all the difference, :)

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