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MakeupGeek Eyeshadows First Impressions

Hello my fellow makeup lovers!

How's everyones Sunday going so far? My day consisted of catching up on my favorite shows, painting my nails, spending time with my family and now this blog post.

I recently filmed a new shopping haul video where I mentioned my latest eyeshadow purchases, new makeup items, nail polishes/nail design goodies and new summer clothes. That video will be up this week on my channel, so check there daily if you are interested in seeing some new goodies. Subscribe to my beauty channel as well for great makeup related videos.

I wanted to share with you all my very first impressions of Makeup Geek eyeshadows. A little history before the review.......I found Marlena aka the creator of Makeup Geek on YouTube years ago when I first ventured onto the site. I had never heard of YouTube until I found her. I can't even remember what I was searching for on there when one of her videos popped up as a related search. Over the years I have watched a few of her videos. She's really talented and seems very down to earth. I found her video on the new Makeup Geek cosmetic line of at that time just eyeshadows. I thought based on her video debuting her colors and the reasons for creating a cosmetic line, why not try them? It only took me a year to finally place an order, haha! Her cosmetic line now has lipsticks, brushes, pigments and eyeshadows.

Now I have some mixed feelings about these particular colors. I let myself order these colors based on the pictures and swatches on the Makeup Geek site. A link will be below if you would like to check them out. I have used just 3 of the eyeshadows in a makeup tutorial that will be up soon too. My opinions are from swatching and playing around with different color combos here at home. Pictures with names, swatches and Makeup Geek descriptions will be below. I also give my thoughts on each color too. I hope you enjoy my lil review.......


Deep Matte Brown (from Makeup Geek site)
I like the pigmentation of this color. Picture on the site
appears to be a bit different shade of brown. A color
I would have preferred instead of this one.

Bleached Blonde

Shimmery Pale Gold (from Makeup Geek site)
It's not as pigmented as the swatches on the site.
The color here is not close to what you see online.

Ocean Breeze
Metallic deep green/blue (from Makeup Geek site)
This was probably the color I was most excited for.
Online it looks so beautiful & perfect combo of green and blue.
Not exactly what I got. This seems more blue than anything. 

Lemon Drop

Shimmery Bright Lemon Yellow (from Makeup Geek site)
It's a pretty yellow. Online it looks like an intense yellow.
A color that I don't have in my collection. Not really as pigmented
as the swatch on the website. 


Matte Medium Pink (from Makeup Geek site)
To me this seems like a mauve pinky color.
Website swatch looks more of a brighter matte pink, looks
beautiful online. Its a nice color but not exactly what I thought
I was getting. 

Peach Smoothie

Light Peach Beige with a soft matte finish
(from Makeup Geek site) I like the pigmentation of this color.
Not as intense as you see online but I like.


Matte Pale Purple (from Makeup Geek site)
The swatch on site looks like a pinky lilac.
Again, a shade I don't have which is why I ordered this one.
Not too impressed with the swatch here. I had to really layer the color
on my hand and it's not that smooth.


Matte True Gray (from Makeup Geek site)
I really like this eyeshadow. The color is a little bit darker in person
than what you see online. Nice quality eyeshadow.

Ok, I know this was long. And I know that what you see online may not always be what you get in person. I can only go by the swatches and pictures online to determine whether or not I want to order these colors or a certain item. I ordered these particular colors because they seem so beautiful online and I needed them. I am not sure if the pictures of the swatches on the Makeup Geek site where photo shopped or placed over a primer. By the way, these swatches are not with primer. It's just the eyeshadow on my bare hand. I also tried to photograph the colors as true to what you see. I didn't photoshop or enhance the quality of the pictures above. Maybe I had too high of expectations for these eyeshadows. Marlena CEO of Makeup Geek raves about these eyeshadows blowing MAC shadows out of the water. Her swatches in her videos look amazing. Also the quality I see in tutorials look great so I thought these were a bargain. Each eyeshadow pan is $5.99 or individually packaged shadows are $7.99. The price is fantastic for the size. They are the same size of MAC so they'll fit in MAC shadow palettes. Not sure if I am going to order more colors. Maybe the other one will be better. Who knows? Have you tried any Makeup Geek shadows? If so, which ones? And what is your opinion on them? 

I will be doing a video review on these eyeshadows soon. I want to create more looks using them before filming the review. I hope you find this mini review helpful. Click on the link below to visit my beauty channel. Thank you for stopping by. 

Makeup Geek website:

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