Thursday, November 21, 2013

Formula X The Twenty-Two Nail Polish Set

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Last night I posted a video review on the Formula X The Twenty-Two nail polish set from Sephora. If you haven't seen it, Click here to get up close with all the lovely colors. This set contains 22 nail polishes that range from neutrals, to brights/neons, to metallics to awesome glitters. It has a great mix of all colors and finishes. It's the perfect gift for anyone who loves doing their nails. You can buy this set from Sephora for $55. I know this may seem like a lot money for mini size bottles but the quality is amazing. My video, linked above shares everything you need to know about these babies!

The pictures below of swatches are only using one coat without base coats and top coats.

A row of brights/neons, metallic and glitters!

A row of neutrals, classics and fun glitters!

Swatches of all 22 colors!
One coat without base/top coats

Again, these colors are truly amazing. There are a few neons that need a second coat and obviously a top coat due them drying with a matte finish. This aspect of neon nail polishes is to be expected regardless of the brand and cost. Sephora has so many colors to choose from and it can be slightly overwhelming when browsing their selections.  I had on a few shades for 5 days without any chipping!! This is huge, guys! I'm totally in love :) I would definitely recommend these to everyone. I hope you love them as much as I do.  Which colors are your faves? 

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