Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Franken Polish Starter Kit

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Today I would like to share with you some information on making your own homemade glitter nail polishes. I know this sounds more complicated than it actually is, but trust me it's easy. You do need several supplies which are key to making glitter polishes the right way. By the right way, I mean making polishes with a suspension base and not clear nail polish. The method of using clear nail polish only works when you make it to use immediately not long term. It will not have a long shelf life. With that method the glitter settles to the bottom and gets stuck which means it's not useable. I know you may find some blogs or YouTube videos saying this works and to use a tooth pick to mix everything together, but I've tried this and I am not happy with the results. It quite frankly wasted my money.

So below are pictures of a Franken Polish kit that I order from an Etsy shop. There will be a link below to where and from whom I purchased it from. I paid $32 plus shipping fees. I think this kit is very affordable and you do get everything you need.

DIY Franken Polish Starter Kit No.2
by misfitson8th on Etsy $32

This kit includes:

* 4 oz. bottle of a clear suspension base. This suspension base is the main component of glitter polish. It keeps the glitter floating throughout the bottle instead of settling to the bottom. 

*6 mini (5ml) and 6 full size (15ml) empty nail polish bottles.

*24 Stainless steel agitator balls. This is what helps mix the polish together. 

*14 different kinds of solvent resistant glitters. You get one pack of 8 solids that every kit gets and you choose your glitter mixes from what she has available in which you get 6 glitter mixes. All mini zip lock bags come with 1 teaspoon of glitter (very generous size)

*2 measuring spoons and flower shaped funnel- the spoons aren't included normally with the kit but the funnel is. I asked if she would be kind to include mixing spoons. I offered to mention her in my nail tutorial videos since she is very nice and responds very quickly. 

A closer look at some of the pieces:

The suspension base
This is needed to make glitter polishes that will last.
4 oz. size shown 
Stainless Steel agitator balls
This is required for mixing purposes
24 count shown
Measuring spoons and funnel
The flower shaped funnel is part of the kit &
I asked for the spoons to be added.

So I hope this helps you with some supplies needed. Now the fun part is finding your favorite glitters and creating your very own nail polish. I really like this because I can create my own unique polishes that are perfect for me. I do have a video tutorial on how to make a glitter polish. This is my first creation and there's many more to come. Click here for that tutorial!

I really like Etsy for affordable loose glitter mixes. Click here to search for glitters
Misfitson8th Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/misfitson8th

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