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Lancome Teint Idole 24H Makeup Foundation Review

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Today I wanted to do a quick review of this Lancome foundation that I have been wearing for a little while. I got a sample from Sephora back in October while on the hunt for a new foundation. I have tried several tons of foundations claiming to be the next big thing. But none seem to fit the bill. Well before I get into the review, I must share with you some background info on my skin.

I have combo/oily skin that is prone to breakout...mainly cystic acne face demons. Plus I have a lot of scarring left behind by those said demons. So my skin is a bit tricky to work with and most foundations just don't do much for me. Now I have a few face powders that I go and forth with from time to time but foundations aren't something I have to choose from in my makeup stash. 

So this Lancome foundation is called Teint Idole Ultra 24H Makeup! Yup, that's a mouth full. On the box it says "wear & comfort, retouch-free makeup, divine perfection for all skin types". Normally "oily" skin people can't be in an "all skin types" category.  But somehow this foundation works for me. Lately I have been extra oily due to medications I'm taking so I still do get a bit oily through this foundation but it's not as bad as if I were to wear other liquid face products. So below I have broken down all the claims and my thoughts on this baby.

*Lancome claims that this foundation is it's first 24 hour foundation that was launched after 8 years of research. I'm sure this may be the first 24 hour foundation for Lancome but as for the 8 years of research for this one product...not too sure if I believe that. 

*Full coverage & velvety matte finish: I do find this foundation to be on the fuller side of coverage. Totally full coverage? No! it's not. I can still see my scars through the foundation, so I just add a little more in the areas I need or use concealer. There is a slight sheen to my skin(not to be mistaken for shimmery or luminous) I guess I should say it's not completely flat looking when applied. 

*This foundation is Oil free, Fragrance free, Transfer free, Non-comedogenic and Tested on sensitive skin: I like all these qualities in this product. It's very important for me to find products without pore clogging oils, without fragrances to irritate my sensitive skin and most importantly ones that are not pore clogging or acne causing. Two Thumbs up!!

*24 Hour claim: Well honestly I never wear makeup for a full 24 hours. I only usually get 8 hours of makeup wear in my day. So it's does last and it doesn't break down after 8 hours, so I'm happy. 

*Price- $45 It's a bit steep for 1 oz. of foundation but this will last me a while. Besides, a little goes a long way. On average most department store foundations are around this price. 

*SPF 15: Good to have in a foundation. It doesn't have that flashback look in photos, so it's perfect for those upcoming holiday portraits. 

Basic packaging: Glass bottle with a pump.
My Bottom line
I really like this foundation but not the price, hahaha. I find that I still get oily but I know it's due to medications I'm of those being RetinA. It feels very lightweight and smooth. It blends so easily and it can be built up without looking cakey. Would I buy again? Yes I would unless I try something else that's better. But for now this will be my go to foundation to carry me into the winter months. I would recommend this for those who are combo, normal or slightly oily. Extremely oily skin can use it but make sure to apply a mattifying primer underneath and a sheer powder to set it. Oh by the way, I don't normally use a powder to set this foundation. I use my Hourglass "diffused light" all over very lightly. 

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