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Boscia "Bright Stars" Holiday Skincare Set

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I wanted to share with you all my thoughts on the Boscia "Bright Stars" skincare set that I ordered from Sephora a few weeks back during the VIB sale. Watch my VIB sale haul here  So far I have formulated some opinions of the products and I'm giving you the 411 on it! First off, this brand is preservative free and great for sensitive skin. I decided on this kit because I wanted a skincare line that was more botanical and more nourishing for my skin since I'm using prescription medications for my acne. Also, this kit contains ingredients claimed to be holy grail in Japanese beauty rituals for geishas. So who wouldn't want to try, right? Here are the photos......

$54 at Sephora Online Only!
Complete packaging with box

A closer look.....

This kit includes (shown L to R above):

*Purifying Cleansing Gel (5oz. size): which is a full size product. So far this cleanser leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean. I don't feel it stripping away my skins natural oils which is great. My skin does feel a bit dry after washing with this cleanser but it's really not bad. I enjoy the fact that this product is full of good for you ingredients such as green tea and amnio acids. This is ideal for sensitive skin because Boscia advertises the line to be "preservative free".

*Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil (1.7oz. size): not quite full size but enough to do the job for a few weeks. It's a little less than half of the normal size bottle. I enjoy the cooling sensation from this product and it's not uncomfortable feeling. I find this makeup cleansing oil doesn't take off every trace of makeup with a couple of pumps of product. I've been using 2 pumps and it removes all of my face makeup but not everything around my eye area. Maybe if I used 3 or more pumps, I could get a cleaner makeup free face. Each pump dispenses a good amount of products so 3 pumps sounds like a lot. It seems that cleansing oils are big right now in the skincare arena. I was excited to use this item from the kit but I find that a regular makeup remover does the job better. It's claim is to refresh congested skin while dissolving makeup and impurities. After using this product I cleanse with the Purifying cleanser. 

*Self-Defense Vital Antioxidant Moisture SPF 30 (0.5 oz. size): Off the bat, I noticed this product is very small in amount even though the tube appears to be a deluxe size. I particularly don't prefer to use this product as my daytime moisturizer. I like it but not enough to purchase in full size. I think this works well in my forehead and cheek area while leaving my nose and chin feeling a bit dry. I am also not a fan of the smell. To me, it smells weird and it's hard to describe the scent. But, I do have to mention that I don't smell it after applying it. The SPF quality is great because it's always good to protect you skin. 

*Super-Charge Overnight Moisture (0.5 oz. size): again this product is a little less than half of the normal size tube. I am really enjoying this rich and luxurious feeling night cream. I love how nourishing it feels and it makes my skin ultra soft. It's great I think for all skin types since it's a night cream. The brand claims that this product restores and renews skin. I would purchase this full size. 

*Enlivening Amnio-AG eye treatment (0.2 0z. size): this eye cream is full of amnio acids and antioxidants that are great for your under eye area. It feels like silk, so rich and luxurious. I really love this eye cream. My under eye area feels really soft immediately after applying and throughout the day. Again, it's another product I would buy full size. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good eye cream from a brand that is full of botanical ingredients or really for anyone. 

*Tsubaki Oil (0.27 oz. size): Another product I was looking forward to. I was a bit skeptical on using oils on my oily skin. But after reading that oils help balance out oily skin, I was inclined to try. Unlike many face oils, this one doesn't contain pore clogging and acne causing mineral oil. So far, I think it's very moisturizing. I use this during the day time every morning after cleansing. It has helped me with my slight peeling due to my nightly application of RetinA for my cystic acne. The brand claims that this replenishes the skin to hide past damage giving you softer more supple skin. Also, the brand claims that Camellia oil (which is part of Japanese beauty rituals) is said to be non-comedonegenic.  I would purchase this full size.  

*100 Sheets of Green Tea Blotting Linens: This is full size product and the packaging is basic but functional and cute. I am not a fan of blotting sheets, period. I feel blotting sheets do work but lift off your foundation and I don't like that. These on the other hand are nice. They're ultra thin sheets of green tea and they smell just like tea. I'm a big tea drinker so the smell appeals to me. They also look speckled almost like a robin's egg. Honestly, I haven't used these too much to give an in depth review. I don't normally think to use blotting papers so I'll have to keep using this product before I decide whether or not to repurchase. 

So there you go. I know this was long and lengthy but I wanted to give you my honest opinions. I wouldn't misguide anyone on any of the products I purchase so I go real deep with my reviews. I hope you enjoyed it and find something you would like to try. 

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All brand "claims" stated above are paraphrased from Sephora's website.

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