Monday, January 6, 2014

Manicure Essentials (Tools, Products & More)

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So I am back from my little holiday break and I'm back in the saddle of blogging and video filming. I hope you all had a fantastic holiday with loved ones. I had a great holiday with my husband and our now one year old little boy :)

Today's post is about Manicures and Pedicures. I will give you all the information needed for buying the right tools and products. I posted a video on this topic on my YouTube channel, so click here to watch it.

Tools: (Most items can be found at drugstores or at Sally Beauty Supply)

* Fingernail clippers- any brand will do.

* Toenail clippers (yes, I am a bit weird on using my fingernail clippers on my toes. This is not an additional item that is necessary)

*Cuticle Nippers- these are a must! These are great for any dry skin around the nails/cuticles or if you have hang nails (which are normal to get from time to time)

*Nail Files- don't get ones that are too abrasive, those can harm your nails in the long run.

*Nail Buffer- Buffing your nails slightly before applying treatments or base coats can really help extend the nail polish wear.

* Cuticle remover liquid or gel- I feel this helps cut down on mani/pedi time especially when you are pressed for time. These products work amazingly and I will continue to use them. I found mine at Sally Beauty Supply for $6 and it's changed my manicure process, big time! The brand is Blue Cross (it's actually shown in photo above) and it's a liquid form like what's used at the salons. If you rather not buy an additional item, just soak your nails in a bowl of warm water for 10 minutes.

*Nail Treatments- This all depends on your nail needs. I do however, recommend a nail treatment that helps fortify and strengthen your nails. This is especially important for those who manicure often and for ones that have sensitive nails. I love Orly nail products for this step.

*Base Coats- Super important! By far, the best is CND sticky base coat. I love it so much :) It has extended my nail polish wear tremendously. Truly great stuff. 

*Hand Cream- Especially important for this time of year. I think everyone should own a hand cream. It makes such a difference in your nails and in the appearance of your hands. 

So there you go, a quick low down on every tool/product I feel is important. I have been doing my nails on a weekly basis for years now and I have narrowed down what's necessary. I hope this guide helps you and saves you money. Doing your own at home manicures and pedicures can save so much money over a years time. 

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