Thursday, April 3, 2014

Macadamia Natural Oil & Mask Review

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I've decided to share with you one of my very favorite hair care products that has truly changed the life of my hair. I have heard about the Macadamia hair mask and healing oil for many years and never decided to try it. Finally several weeks ago, when I had highlights done twice within 6 days (do not over process your hair!) I noticed I had a lot of damage and split ends. I started freaking out and headed straight for Ulta. While scoping out all the hair products, I ended up with this brand. 

I had gotten the small healing oil treatment bottle (shown below) from one of my Ipsy monthly subscription bags months ago. I believe this is the travel size bottle and you may be able to find it at Ulta. I went about 3 weeks ago and repurchased this oil treatment in a 1oz. size bottle for $13.50. It's definitely not the cheapest hair oil on the market but it's worth the price tag. It comes in various sizes too. 

This healing oil treatment is so amazing. While I had my damaged prior to cutting it off, I used this oil twice a day, morning and night. I know this may sound like a lot but at that point I was refusing to cut my hair. This oil made my hair feel so soft, nourished and tangle free. Now that I've parted ways with my spilt ends, I use this one or twice a week on damp hair after washing. 

The deep repair mask is another amazing product. I can't believe how this changed my hair for the better. Even before cutting the damage off, this mask made me think- hey I may not have to cut my hair after all. My hair felt extremely soft, nourished and repaired as if there weren't damaged strands. I couldn't feel the rough ends I had from the bleach. It almost convinced me to skip the cut but I know split ends won't go away nor will they ever go back to a healthy strand. It's best to cut the damaged hair before it gets worse. 

I honestly can say this hair mask cannot be compared to any other I've used. In the photo above, you'll see the deep repair mask packet which are available at Ulta for $4!! This product comes in two sizes, 1oz. size packets ($4 each) or 8.5 oz. tub ($33 each). These prices come from Ulta's website but I am sure you can find them cheaper elsewhere online. 

Overall, I am super impressed with these two products. I know they are expensive but I think it's worth it. I didn't expect to fall in love with a hair oil but I did and I am glad I finally tried the Macadamia Natural Oil brand. 

What are your favorite hair oils and masks? Have you tried this brand? If so, what are your thoughts? I'd love to hear from you.

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