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Mally Beauty BulletProof Essentials Kit

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I'm very excited to share with you a kit I found at Ulta recently. This brand was just added to most Ulta stores within the last month and I was so happy to finally get my hands on Mally Beauty products. Now you may have heard of Mally from QVC or from other makeup lovers in the Youtube beauty community. I've seen her so many times on QVC and her products look great. Plus, the buzz and hype of this brand definitely put it on the top of my shopping list!

So since Ulta has this brand in stock, I couldn't help myself. I must share :) I love trying out try me kits or starter kits from new brands because it gives me a sense of what the brand is like. It also allows me to try multiple products at an affordable price. So who doesn't love a good bargain? This kit is no exception.... Five full size products for only $49! I couldn't resist!!

Here are the details....

Available at select Ulta stores and online
Click here to purchase!

The goodies that come inside.
5 Full size products

Individual mini reviews/first impressions:

This Evercolor Poreless Face Defender was a product that I've been wanting to try for a very long time. It's hard to describe the actual texture because I've never tried anything quite like this. It's like a solid gel with a little bit of slip. Not too slippery where it feels weird and makes you oily. This product claims to improve the look of your skin by giving a mattified, smooth and flawless appearance* (description is from ulta's website). I can actually say this works to keep my oily skin mattified. I love how this can be worn under foundation or over for touch ups on the go.

It keeps my skin mattified for decent amount of time and my pores do look smaller after using it. This won't disturb the makeup you're wearing. It goes on smooth with a clear matte finish. This product can be purchased individually for $40 from Ulta's website (linked below photo). 

Evercolor Poreless Face Defender
available for individual purchase (here)
$40 each
 High shine liquid lipstick has a cute twist up packaging with makes it perfect for on the go. I do like the color however, it's kinda sheer but adds a nice sparkle to your lips or to your favorite lipstick. It's not too sticky or weird smelling.

High Shine Liquid Lipstick
Light pale pink with shimmer


 The volumizing mascara was another must try product for me. From the reviews I've read to what I've heard from QVC shows, this mascara is a fan favorite. It claims to give lashes an instant boost and transform your eyes *(description from ulta's website). I like how the formula is a rich black but it's a bit too wet for me. I think I might have to let this one sit for bit before trying it again. From the first few uses, it defined my lashes but didn't give me the "wow" lashes I thought. I'll definitely do a follow up review soon!

Volumizing Mascara
Each individually is $20

closer look at the mascara wand.
 This next product also seems to be a fan favorite on QVC. It's Mally's evercolor shadow sticks that claim to be a long-wearing cream eyeshadow. Cream eyeshadows for me has always been a no-go because my eyelids are oily and everything creases within 30 minutes. This shadow stick did last several hours with minor creasing. I do have to say that overall, I'm pleased with it.

Evercolor shadow stick "saddle shimmer"
also available for individual purchase here
$25 each
This color is just gorgeous!! I love it :) It's a coppery bronze with subtle silver shimmer that would look awesome on every eye color.

evercolor shadow stick
"saddle shimmer"

 The evercolor starlight waterproof eyeliner is a nice rich black with a very subtle sheen. Not too sparkly or shimmer, just the right glow. I really like the creaminess and smoothness of this eyeliner. The price for each eyeliner from Mally is $15 which isn't too bad. It's a good tight-line eyeliner that doesn't budge, flake or transfer below the eyes.

Evercolor starlight waterproof eyeliner
liners for individual purchase here
$15 each

"black velvet"
this color is available for individual purchase
on QVC

Overall, I think this kit is pretty good. I'm able to try many of Mally Beauty's best sellers for a great price. This kit is only $49 (kit is valued at $120!) and you can buy yours by clicking here. I hope this first impressions post was helpful for you. I'll do some follow ups very soon on these products. 

Have you tried anything from Mally Beauty? If so, what are your favorite products? Which would you recommend? 

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