Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rimmel 9 in 1 BB Cream Review!

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So I wanted to do a quick review on the Rimmel 9 in 1 skin perfecting Beauty Balm (BB). Yes that was a mouth full, haha.

This BB cream can be found at any drugstore for around $6. Not a bad price for the amount of product you get which is a 1oz tube. I do like the texture and feel of this BB cream. It has a good amount of coverage, almost like a light to medium coverage foundation. I think this product would work great for normal, dry or slightly combination skin. Oily skin types won't benefit from this product. I think it's too thick and hydrating for oily skin. It leaves a very dewy (not shimmery) finish to the skin. Not very ideal for the oilier skin types. All other skin types would be fine to use this. If you find your t-zone to be a bit oily, just use a lightweight powder in those areas. The packaging is a small tube that is pretty basic and functional. The benefits of this product stated by Rimmel are listed in the picture below.

I do think for all skin types other than oily, that this would be a handy makeup product to have. It's great to have a good BB cream for those days where you wanted something quicker and lightweight. Also, if your a teen starting off with makeup, please use BB creams. I don't recommend starting with foundations unless you're very acne prone with active breakouts 99% of the time. If you only have a breakout or two every now and again, use concealers on top of this or another BB cream. What if you're not a teen? Well honestly, any age group can use this. The above was my personal recommendation for teens. If you are older with one of the ideal skin types for this particular BB cream mentioned above, then you may like this. What if you're oily? I would recommend the Garnier BB Cream for combo/oily skin. It too can be found at local drugstores.

The only compliant is the color selections. I believe my local Walmart only offered 3 shades. I think Rimmel should make more shades available. And possibly a version tailored for oily skin. If you try or have tried this product, I would like to know your thoughts. You can leave me a comment here or through Twitter .

Benefits of this BB Cream.

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