Saturday, February 15, 2014

February Ipsy Glam Bag!

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I wanted to share the goodies that came a few days ago from Ipsy. As I've mentioned before, Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription service that costs $10 each month. They deliver a great mix of full size and deluxe sized makeup items based on your beauty quiz responses. If you are not familiar with this quiz, it's basically a series of personal questions like eye color, hair color, skin concerns, skin tone, etc. The answers will help Ipsy formulate a monthly glam bag that's perfect for you!

Here's what I got:

February Glam Bag!
Only two items were deluxe sizes and everything was full size! I am loving the pink theme this month!

The blush from City Color is huge, 8.9g size to be exact. I'll have this blush forever, haha. It's very smooth and creamy feeling. There is great color payoff from this product and I love the color.

"Fresh Melon"
I've noticed over the last few months that Ipsy really likes to include Pop Beauty products in their glam bags. Although, I don't mind using stuff from this brand, I am however, ready for another new brand to be thrown into the mix. 

This plump pout gloss is very creamy and opaque. It feels nice and smooth on the lips. I'm assuming based on the name "plump pout" that it's suppose to make your lips fuller.  It does not have a tingling or warming sensation when applied as you'd probably come to expect with plumping glosses. This is not a go to shade for me but it's a good mauve with some tones of berry. 

This next brand is one that I have never heard of, it's called IPKN NewYork. This is a BB cream that claims to be brightening and provide wrinkle care with an SPF 45. While this all sounds good, the shade is a little too dark for me. When swatched, I picked up hints of an orange-y tone which is not cute. The packaging is basic but I did notice this product feels extremely light, almost like there's not much inside. More pictures are below....

"02 Light"

This next brand is also new to me :) This is why I really enjoy Ipsy, I get exposed to new brands every month. This brand is called Eyetini and I received their cream shadow. Although, I am not a cream shadow person, I have to admit that I'm looking forward to using this. Plus the pigmentation is crazy good. Now let's hope the staying power is good too. 

Basic but functional packaging with
doe foot applicator.

Color is called "Ambrosia"

I didn't photograph the Zoya nail polish in "Dot" that I got but it's a pale pink color. I have used Zoya polishes before and this one just adds to my collection. So that's it, overall, I am happy with this months glam bag. Are you an Ipsy member? If so, what did you receive? 

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