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MILANI "Bella Rosa" Baked Blush Review

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Today I'm sharing with you my thoughts, swatches and photos on this new baked blush by MILANI Cosmetics in the color "Bella Rosa". On the brands website, this blush is described as a bright raspberry shade and I think that's dead on with the color. I know a raspberry colored blush may sound and look scary but this one isn't at all. You can find this product and others from MILANI at local drugstores and on their website (link is below). This product retails for $7.99, which is great for the quality, size and pigmentation.

Let's talk packaging....

"Bella Rosa" Baked Blush
It's basic and functional packaging. I think the outer packaging is cute and simple. Underneath the blush there is a compartment that holds a mirror and an applicator. It's not photographed but the mirror is tiny and the applicator isn't the best for this product. I'd recommend using a soft fluffy blush brush to apply this shade.

I know this looks crazy but the color is truly beautiful. It is hands down the brightest and boldest color I own in my collection. I have used this blush a few times and I'm really enjoying the soft natural flush it gives my cheeks. As you will see in the photo below, this doesn't appear too intense when sheered out. Of course the first swatch is more intense so that you can get an idea of what we're dealing with here. This baked blush has a smooth matte finish which I happen to love. It's great to be able to find matte blushes with actual color payoff. It swatches and applies very nicely and has a soft feel to it. 

Top: one swipe of color
Bottom: sheered out swatch

Literally the top swatch is just one swipe of the product applied to my arm. It's crazy how pigmented this blush is. You really only need just a tiny bit in order to get a great natural color as if you just came back from a nice jog. I will own this blush for the rest of my life! I really love finding great products that are affordable and readily available at the drugstore :) 

Overall, this baked blush is a winner in my book. The price is great, only $7.99 at local drugstores and at Milani Cosmetics website. The pigmentation, smoothness and creaminess is right on. Truly a great find for me. I hope this quick review was helpful. Please leave any feedback, I'd love to hear from you :) Watch my beauty related videos on YouTube and subscribe, it's Free!!!

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