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Tarte be MATTEnificent Palette Review & Swatches

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Today I am reviewing the newest palette from Tarte Cosmetics. It's called be MATTEnificent colored clay eye & cheek palette and this is readily available at Ulta, QVC and Tarte's website (links will be at the end of post). It retails for $36 which isn't bad for the amount of product you get. Below are pictures and swatches along with my thoughts for your enjoyment.

Box packaging 

Palette packaging 
My thoughts on packaging: 

Although, this packaging is very cute and different from any other product packaging I've purchased, I feel the plastic is very cheap. It looks and feels cheap as if the plastic really was an afterthought. I know with these palettes we consumers can't ask for much because usually most of the money goes into the makeup instead of the exterior look. I think the concept of this packaging is ideal as it is slim and compact. But however, I do feel that if you were to accidentally drop this on tile flooring, the bathroom sink or any other hard surface, it will crack. Due to this, I feel it's not travel friendly.

6 matte eyeshadows, 2 shadow/liner shades, 1 blush,
& 1 applicator
My thoughts on interior: 

I like the idea of having all mattes because I think it's great to have a few mattes within your eyeshadow collection. I do have to mention that on me (I'm very light complexed) the colors do show up but for anyone whose skin tone is medium or darker, you might not see too many differences between the colors when applied to the eye area. 

The size of each eyeshadow is great and are full size according to Tarte. I like having two liner/shadow shades that provide a bit of versatility. The blush is probably my favorite out of the whole palette. I have loved Tarte amazonian clay blushes for many years and still haven't found any other brand that compares. So naturally I love all their blush products. 

The applicator is not my favorite but if that's all I had I can do a complete look. One end of the applicator is an eyeshadow style brush that is flat with a rounded tip that works for packing color on the lower lid and the other end is a tapered crease brush that is a bit stiff. These are not my ideal choice of makeup brushes but they'll do the job decently. 
*swatched the same shade twice, sorry
The lightest ivory shade "sand out from the crowd"
wasn't swatched. But it matches my skin tone.
My thoughts on eyeshadows:

As you can probably tell from the photo above, some of the colors look very similar. This is something I didn't like from the palette. They do have a decent amount of pigmentation but these could have been a little better. I used this palette to film a Valentine's Date Night tutorial (will be posted soon) and I had to work quite a bit to blend the plum shade out. I did enjoy the completed look after adding mascara and false eyelashes. These colors are very complimentary to brown eyes by the way. Since it's really difficult to blend these shades out this wouldn't be a go to palette if I'm in a rush to leave the house. 

I have tried other matte eyeshadows from Tarte in the past and I feel like these aren't as good in my opinion. This palette could work for a collection of mattes to blend out other eyeshadows for different makeup looks. 

My thoughts on liner/shadow shades:

Right of the bat looking at the photo above, you should be able to see how the "Dream in Chocolate" shade is the better of the two. It has a decent amount of pigmentation both wet and dry. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for "Don't stand black" shade. I was disappointed with the black shade. I feel Tarte could have done a better job with these. I prefer using these two shades with a dampened brush since the color payoff is more intense. *I used water on the liner brush for the "wet" swatches.

My thoughts on Blush:

I enjoy this color and it transfers really well onto my cheeks. I have been looking for a blush shade that was more natural but still with a slight pinky tone and this one fits the bill. I love these amazonian clay blushes from Tarte. 

So there you have my thoughts on this palette. Unfortunately, I don't have many positives on this palette but I am glad I tried it out. I hope this helps you when deciding whether or not to purchase. This colored clay palette is limited edition so it won't be available for much longer.

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