Saturday, February 1, 2014

Weekly Nails: China Glaze "On the Dot" kit

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This week's nail art is a bit different than my usual but still really fun. So... I am not sure when exactly this kit was released but I recently found mine at Ulta for around $15. It's been probably 2 weeks since I've purchased it so I'm thinking it's fairly new. This kit is called On the Dot by China Glaze and features some really fun colors that I feel are perfect for any time. In my opinion, China Glaze makes some of the best bright colored nail polishes. In general this brand is great for nail polishes.

"White on White"
"Purple Panic"

"Sun Worshiper"
"Turned Up Turquoise"

Back panel with nail art instructions

*I used a nail art dotting tool in various sizes to create the dotted look. Although, the instructions are an added bonus, I feel that using the polish brush to apply the dots would be really messy. Using a tool is so much easier and cleaner looking. I ordered my tools from Amazon.

Overall, this kit for the price and quality would be hard to beat. The quality of these are not any less than their normal nail polish range. I love China Glaze as a brand and I didn't have these exact colors in my polish collection so this purchase was a no brainer. The normal price point is on or about $7 a piece for any China Glaze nail polish you'd purchase from Ulta. So this kit is worth $28 if you were to get each color separate but only costs $15. It's a great bargain in my book!

I hope that you'll try this design out using this kit or your own favorite bright nail polishes. Dotted nail designs are super easy to do and one of my favorites :)

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